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Posted on: June 24, 2017, 09:40:46 PM
What is vision?
We have gone into the field of thinking and valley of reasoning and come in conclusion that Vision is the conception that is inspired by God in the heart of a human. Vision is the source and hope of life. The greatest gift given to mankind is the gift of sight, but the gift of vision(sight) is the function of the eyes while vision is the function of the enlightenment and inspired heart.

Further more, vision is a great tool of achievers as said by one inspirational writer. " A man of vision in essence is one who imbibe the road nature of whom he is. Vision makes unseen visible and the un known possible, vision is the energy of progress and a tap root and plant for to succeed.
You are unique,special and irreplaceable. My earnest desire of proselytising Is that you will be inspired, motivated and challenged to get better in the race towards your vision/dream. If do not know what you want, people will give you what they have. Stay true and be positive.

Categories Of People On Earth.
1: There are many who have no vision for their lives and wonder how to obtain one.
*There ones who have a vision but struck in the mud of confusion not knowing what to do next.
*Then there are ones who hard vision but have abandoned it.

2: Those who live by the past.
Those who live by the present.
Those who live by their vision.

3: Those who make things happen.
Those who promote and propagate what is happening.
Those who never see anything happening.

4: Those living by others.
Those living by competition.
Those living by vision.
Then one must ask him/her self a big question:
Who are you?
Have you discourage your vision?
If you have discourage your vision why?

Finally, remember any knowledge and experience that is trapped in a time warp off the past suffocated by tradition of the past experience and buried in the grave of the glories of past success is doomed to die. If you are not knowledgeable in operating your today, you will remain in your yesterday.


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