(Relationship) Contents of a woman are better than the container


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Today I have something good to share with you regarding to relationships, Love and marriage and I titled it Contents of a woman are better than the container, in this article you will get to know what I meant by content and container it will also remind you most of the things you forget to know about the realities of love, relationships and marriages.

I am here to remind you those realities you failed to know and remember when it comes to Love, relationships, and marriage and most importantly before you tell that Lady "will you marry me" you need to be sure of these few things i need to share with you before you propose to a woman or before you say I DO as a woman.

1. Contents of a woman are better than the container
Before you propose to a lady you must be sure of her container and as well as her contents, many might not understand what I meant by contents and container but I assure you that am going to explain it in a way you will understand.

What is Container?
Container can be defined in so many ways but I will give you a short and descriptive definition of a container, a container can be defined as an object that can be used to hold or transport something

What is Content?
Logically a content can be defined as the sum of the attributes or notions comprised in a given conception; the substance or matter of cognition.

The image above has explained better to you what I meant by container and content, now let's apply the same when it comes to human beings.

A women's dressing and physical looks is a container not the contents of the women
Men are more interested in the container more than the contents because the container shows the first impression while the content is the real value

Using the above image as an example when you buy such tomatoes you are not actually paying for the container but for the content inside the container but today men are misled by the container because they are not even interested to know the content inside the container when it comes to Love, Relationships, and Marriage.

Decisive Container and fake content
We are all aware of the world " You are addressed the way you dress" but let not forget that even the fake products always have the most attractive container and labels and such things can't be different when it comes to human beings and not just women.

High-quality content and Fake container
Any answer that can be YES can equally be NO, do you know that a content might be good and healthy but then the container is nothing to write home about.

The way you dress says a lot about you and might not allow others to discover your true content even when you have that content that every responsible man is praying to God to give them.

Don't dress and appear negatively while inside, you are Positive, learn how to match two things together, make yourself a good container that has good contents inside because container and contents represent your outside and inside.

A woman's character and behavior is the content
Who doesn't like beautiful things or beautiful women but let's not be carried away by the beauty because that beauty and dressings are just the containers and not the contents.

In marriage what you really need is a good content or both, who will not be happy to have a wife that is beautiful inside and outside after all a good products always comes with a good container to protect the content inside from being contaminated and with descriptive label that explains the making of the contents but the problem today is that some men believe that once a woman is beautiful nothing else matters and after ending up marrying her, he will be jumping from one beer parlor to the other because he will not be at peace when at home.

Let me ask you this question, is it better to marry a beautiful woman and outside the beauty all you get is fight, disrespect and insults or a woman that might not be most beautiful or the one that makes men turn around but can give you love, happiness, and peace of mind?

Finally, i thank you for spending much time reading this and I believe you have learned one or two things reading this article but I will like you to share your own view or ask any questions and you need to do so by registering on this forum and join the conversation.


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