How to Fund your Gtbank or other Banks Dollar MasterCard


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How to Fund your Gtbank or other Banks Dollar MasterCard
Posted on: June 30, 2017, 09:27:26 AM
This article is all about how to Fund your Gtbank or other Banks Dollar MasterCard easily after you might have gotten your dollar debit/credit card but before then i will like to tell other things you need to know before we proceed to how to Fund your Gtbank or other Banks Dollar MasterCard.

Congrats you have finally gotten your dollar MasterCard that will enable you to handle international transactions with ease and recently I wrote about How to Get a Gtbank Dollar Master Card but someone asked me how can he Fund the dollar Card account and that is the reason for writing about how to Fund your Gtbank or other Banks Dollar MasterCard.

If you read my previous article on how to get the dollar card you will see all the required process which I used Gtbank as a reference because I got mine from Gtbank.

Once you request for a dollar card a new account number will be generated and given to you making it 3 different account number, example.

*Gtbank Savings Account number
*Gtbank Dollar Domiciliary Account number
*Gtbank Dollar MasterCard Account number

To own a dollar card in a bank like Guarantee Trust Bank (Gtbank) you most be given 3 account numbers that i have mentioned above, I will tell you how 3 of the accounts numbers works.

Gtbank Savings Account number
You already know savings account allows you to send and receive money in local currency and in this regard, you will be given a Naira Debit card to carry out any local and international transaction in some cases like buying goods for those who don't have a domiciliary account.

Gtbank Dollar Domiciliary Account number
Dollar Domiciliary Account allows you to receive and withdraw money in foreign currencies such as Dollars, Euro, Pounds etc and with such account, you can save in dollars, euro, pounds on your accounts.

At the initial stage, no Debit card will be given to you to carry out foreign transactions until you request for it and that is why I wrote to teach you how to get your own dollar Card.

Gtbank Dollar MasterCard Account number
Those who open Domiciliary Account can be those who receive money in foreign currencies and it will be better if they pay for goods and services using the same currency than allowing Nigerian Banks to convert local currency to foreign currency at any rate of their choice.

Once you request for a dollar Debit/Credit Card another account number will be sent to you through text message then in less than 2 weeks, your card will be ready to activate and use.

How to Fund your Gtbank or other Banks Dollar MasterCard
Now we have come to the main topic, for the first time when I requested for dollar card and another account number was sent me, I just asked myself why another number but I understand they did it for security reasons and with that your main dollar account will be secured as well as other account numbers since they don't have any link with each other.

Another question I asked myself was how can I Found the account since my dollar account is different, I knew there must be a way but I thought it will be another stress to me but I was wrong.

Funding your dollar Debit card account is as simple as reading ABCD all you need to do is to setup your internet web or mobile banking ID and password.

Log in and you will see the 3 account numbers you have and the amount of money you have in each of them and then initiate a transfer from your main Domiciliary Account to your Dollar Card Account of any amount you want to use for purchasing of goods and services in any international online website or ATM's worldwide.

Personally, I use my phone and sometimes I use my computer but the truth of the whole thing is that it's fast, convenient and above all secure.

Finally, thanks a lots for taking you time to read this article and I also want to use this opportunity to tell you to keep all you bank and Card details safe and never reveal those details to anyone, also ignore those text messages and email telling you that your Card has been disabled that you should call or visit any link because it's a scam instead visit your bank and ask questions.