What you need to know about Nigerian and Foreign used Cars


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What you need to know about Nigerian and Foreign used Cars
Posted on: November 24, 2017, 01:28:06 PM
Do you wish to know more about Nigerian used and foreign used cars, if the answer is yes then I will tell you few things that might be helpful to you especially when you are confused on which one to go for, Nigerian used cars or Foreign used cars.

The first question that comes to mind whenever someone wants to buy a car is always which one should I buy, foreign used car or Nigerian used but here I will give you some takeaway that will help you take a decision whether to go for Nigerian used cars or Foreign used cars.

Foreign used Cars is better than Nigerian used Cars

Yes foreign used vehicles is always better than Nigerian used ones because most of those countries were Nigerians import cars have good roads and some of the cars are well maintained and repaired by professional mechanics compared to Nigerian used cars that have undergone the test of "you are on your own Nigerian reads to the hands of unprofessional cut and join Nigerian mechanics".

In most developed countries they don't use their cars they way we do in Nigeria, some of them use their brand new cars between 1 month to 2 years and it will be sold off but in Nigeria, we use to use a car until its start crying for help and when you buy such car you are just adding more problem to yourself.

Why some prefer Nigerian used Car than Foreign used Cars

Who wouldn't like a brand new car or sharp foreign used car but the major problem is the cost because foreign used vehicles are always expensive compared to Nigerian used ones and not everyone can afford foreign used cars instead they look for good Nigerian used cars.

Good Nigerian used cars

For the fact that a car has been used in Nigerian doesn't totally make it bad because some of them are being sold not because of any fault or problems but the owner needs urgent money to meet an immediate needs while some will sell their neatly used cars just to upgrade to something better and not because of any fault.

Bad Nigerian used cars

The worst you can do is buying a dead Nigerian used car that has been used for more than 5-10 years and buying such car is like inviting trouble for yourself because you will end up spending all you have fixing such one day one trouble car which the owner deliberately disposes to feel relief after so many problems.

Why you should buy Foreign used cars

The only thing that can prevent you from going for a neatly foreign used cars is fund but if you can really afford to buy foreign used cars then it's a must because you will surely enjoy your new car for few years before any major fault.

Foreign used cars are far better than Nigerian used cars but if you can't afford it then buying a good Nigerian used car is not bad but you must take someone experienced to inspect the car before buying to avoid using your hard earned money to buy trouble for yourself.

If you have any question regarding Nigerian used cars and foreign used cars kindly use our comment option below to share your own opinion.

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