How to make your woman happy even if you don't have money


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How to make your woman happy even if you don't have money
Posted on: August 18, 2013, 04:55:04 PM
Are you one of those who want to please their women even without money, the truth is that we see money as everything but trust my money might be the third thing you need in a relationship.

First, I decided to write about this topic because one of the xtremeloaded members mailed me saying:

HELLO LOVE DOCTOR. I just want to find out what I can do to make a lady/girl happy without involving money. Thank you.

Now you have seen where I picked up this topic from, so let look at the ways you can make your woman happy even without spending your money but hey I don't mean you should not work hard because relationships need money in one way or the other.
It's obvious that 97% of women today can't be pleased without having some $$ and capable of spending it on them in one way or the other, I can also challenge you that 92% of women will not even accept to date you if they knew you are not a reach as they wish that is why some sharp guys always claim to have DUPLEX, FACTORIES, HUMMER JEEP, RANGE ROVER JEEP, CAMRY ETC just to penetrate and be able to reach to their promised land. (if you know what  mean)


Its time to discuss more about our topic of the day How to make a woman happy without money, in my own opinion I always believe that it is Good among bad and Bad among Good, I understand that my friend who asked the question about how to please a woman without money did so because there is no or little possibility of having and maintaining women without Money and that is the truth but on the other way round I have seen some precious ladies who need something different.


Have you seen where a woman decided to marry a poor man over a rich man, what do you think that caused the woman to chose a poor Man over a Rich Man, do you think she is making a mistake? I guess you know the answer, SHE IS IN LOVE, Below are the tips to make her deeply fall in love with you

How you show her Love: We always hear and say I love you all the time without practising it in any way, love is not what you just say but what you feel and be able to show, let me ask you.
=> have you been able to show her love like no one else?
=> Have you been able to clear her doubt about you?
=> Have you been able to make difference among others?

At the beginning of every relationship some wise women will never trust you and it's your duty to make her trust you, as 2 Face Sang in one of his songs titled AFRICAN QUEEN he said I know you don't have to trust me but you need to trust someone why not make that someone to be you, trust me you can.

When a woman agreed to date you, also note that she might be having one a two doubt about you, try to prove her wrong and that will make her love you more.

Show her that you are different from other guys, some women had several bad experiences with men that made them believe that all men are the same which will affect her love and feelings for you, create the difference by showing her love and care as no one else has ever done.

Don't be too fast:
Give her some time to be ready, I have seen some ladies who never seems to be Ready for relationships you need to take it easy while working on her emotions to make her ready, don't make her do what she doesn't want to do she will hate you.

Understand how she thinks and feels:
Knowing how she feels and understanding her is very important, recently I was asking a lady why she loves her boyfriend she told me he understands her very well and loves her for who she is! why not apply these tricks by understanding her and loving her for who she is.

Always be there for her: showing caring is all about being there for her whenever she needs your advice and help, you need to make her feel not alone.

Be concerned about her future: I noticed that women like guys who care for their future and well being, so why don't you discuss her future with you and possibly guide her through her desires.

I don't mean that this kind of women don't eat or buy anything but they need something that matters most while others follow.
As we say money is not everything but important which some precious women understand perfectly well.

The above tips will definitely make any reasonable woman love you more even without spending money on her because there is something more than money but hey I don't mean you should not spend money on your precious baby if you have but make sure you spent to those who deserve it period!.

Am still your love doctor don't hesitate to let me know if you have any question or need some help in your relationship.
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Re: How to make your woman happy even if you don't have money
#1 Posted on: March 22, 2014, 07:48:09 AM

Meihn dats awesome and thnx Mr love doc


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Re: How to make your woman happy even if you don't have money
#2 Posted on: March 25, 2014, 09:53:53 AM
Make women happy by being real and confident .If you are authentic with yourself by josh pellicer then you can make any women happy women are tend to be more attracted to real strong men .

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Re: How to make your woman happy even if you don't have money
#3 Posted on: August 18, 2015, 09:13:57 AM
Nice insight Lovedoctor.
I learnt something(s)

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