Pastor Adeboye's son,Daddy freeze tithing controversy and the truth in it


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Pastor Adeboye's son made a post thanking Daddy Freeze for the recent controversies on tithes and for the recent increase in tithing activites in RGGC.

According to him, the number of tithes they get, the number of emails his dad gets and the number of website visits have increased of recent. Now;

Should the GS son have access to the number of tithe his dad's church receives? Has he ever made a post celebrating the number of people who turned out for altar calls in the name of being born again? Later they will be arguing that they are not for money indeed.

Why should money bother you so much? You are the GS' son and not the church financial secretary or treasurer. You should't tell the people you actually know how much tithes and offerings they give to "GOD" in your dad's ministry.

If I send a personal email to Pastor Adeboye his son actually sees them? It means his wife, other kids and maybe stewards see them too. If a public figure should send a personal health report to the GS, how can you assure us that it will not be leaked?

This is the same reason why people don't confide in pastors any more. When your son has access to your email, then the church affairs are no more confidential. He might also have access to the text messages and maybe pick your calls at times.

Website clicks: So you actually are so much interested in website traffic than conversions? I don't think all church members have access to these info but the GS' son has. Please mind the information you send via their contact forms at least for security reasons.

What is the truth in this tithe issue?

Tithing was a part of the law of moses; believers are not under the law

Romans, Galatians, and other New Testament passages make it clear that Christians are not under the law of Moses. That does not mean that we are lawless, because we are under the law of Christ (1 Cor. 9:20-21; James 1:25; 2:8, 12; Rom. 13:8-10) .

Those aspects of the Mosaic law that reflect the moral character of God are valid under the New Covenant and are repeated as commands in the New Testament. But the church is never commanded to tithe.

Tithing was a tax(agricultural items) to support Israel

In the Old Testament, there was both required and voluntary giving. The tithe was required. It was commanded for every Israelite to fund national worship and help the poor. In actuality, there was not just one tithe, but rather two or three ([1] Lev. 27:30-33, Num. 18:20-21; [2] Deut. 12:17-18; [3] Deut. 14:28-29)

tithing is not instructed to the church although much is said of giving

Since the tithe played such an important part in the OT and in Judaism contemporary with early Christianity, it is surprising to discover that never once is tithing mentioned in any instructions given to the church.

Jesus mentions scribes and Pharisees who tithe ..., but he never commanded his disciples to tithe.

Tithing gives a wrong emphasis on giving

Tithing emphasizes your obligation to God; New Testament giving emphasizes your willing, loving response to God’s grace.

Furthermore, tithing limits giving by making a person feel that he has paid his dues and thus nothing more is required, when, in fact, much more could be done.

Tithing is burdensome for many and very easy for others

If a man with a family of five makes N10,000 a year and tithes, he has N9,000 (apart from taxes) to support five people. If a childless couple makes N1,000,000 a year and tithes, they have N900,000 (apart from taxes) to support two people. That would be burdensome to the man with five mouths to feed, but ridiculously easy for the couple.

Nigerians need to get it right on these tithing issues for once!


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