Can one really make quick money online in Nigeria?


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Can one really make quick money online in Nigeria?
Posted on: December 19, 2017, 06:42:29 PM
Online activities in Nigeria is currently floating at a record high. Nigerians now prefer going online to read daily news,interact with friends and even to pay bills.

Online money making makers were once termed scammers because of the few frauds exposed in the system but the likes of Linda ikeji of Linda Ikeji blog and Seun Osewa of Nairaland forum revived Nigerian youths of the stocks of cash embedded online sidelining the bad instinct which was felt for these activities.

Even still, our elderlies who had been the thorn in the flesh of aspiring online money makers are now the ones looking to eclipse the youths in the newly-found gold mine in Nigeria.Money making online is not limited to only the male lords but we have recently seen the female queens not ready to back off.

Can one, in reality, make quick money online in Nigeria?

Looking at the successes of online bloggers, entrepreneurs and freelancers, one can quickly say that there is nothing like making quick money online. Although money made online may be termed quick money, there are certain conditions that must be met before making genuine money and that may take months or even years. Those classes of people who make fast money online in illicit ways are:

'Quick money making site owners' : These set of online rogues create enticing websites promising cheap money for refers. Their aim is the password and email you enter into their program. According to victims, the use these to hack into online payment method like PayPal to get 'quick money'.

Hackers: Although they sweat before making a dime, these set of online 'quick money' makers hack into peoples online possession either for popularity but mainly for 'quick money'.

Scammers Someone can be in Nigeria promising a UK based lady of assured marriage with no mind to marry her as far as she sends him that quick money. Scammers get from people without fulfilling their promises.

What about real money making?

Real money making involves actualizing your skills online then getting the real money as a reward. The one thing that differentiates real money making from quick money making is the 'What you can do and what you have to give out' aspect. Just like offline works, you are paid for what you do.It involves long-term investments.

What you can do online to make real money in Nigeria

Blogging: Creating of blogs and internet forums is one of the popular ways of money making in the contemporary Nigerian internet society.

Freelancing: Freelance writers can earn up to $10 (N3,500) per 500-word articles. Freelancing is also a popular money making work online.

Web design: If you are a good programmer, there's no how you shouldn't earn up to $200 per order in Nigeria.

Affiliate Marketing: This involves marketing goods for others then getting a certain percentage of the sales as commission. Affiliate marketers are online retailers or agents.

SEO experts: Internet search giant, Google has been trying many methods to double cross works by search engine optimization experts but to no avail. These SEO experts know how to position internet sites to better ranks in search engine database.

Social media analyst: Influencers on social media are highly paid by firms to position their brands on different social media platforms. Their main duties are to make research and give out relevant discussions on social media.

Vlogging: I was surprised when I learned that making insightful videos and displaying it online do pay. Creating a youtube channel and activating ads to your uploaded videos do give real second income.

Tips for aspiring online money makers

1. Productivity first - Many who were obsessed by the money online regretted because they never saw any. Be productive as a first step.

2. Plan - Who has ever succeeded without planning? Have a routine to follow and diligently streamline your effort toward the plan.

3. Failure is a part of success: Do not be afraid to fail because even rich men fail. Don't allow failure to take control of your plans instead let it motivate you for success.

4. Pray: Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, pray to your God. This would give you the instinct that you have a spiritual support.

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