Ronaldo vs Messi comparison: Views from the Nigerian perspective


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Ronaldo vs Messi comparison: Views from the Nigerian perspective
Posted on: December 23, 2017, 09:57:41 PM
For a long time now, two best football players in the world couldn't be judged and the question “Who is better?” couldn't be answered.

Due to the close rivalry between them, there seems to be probably no right answer. However, with Nigerians dividing themselves into fans of each, they have continuously looked forward to a definite answer.

With their main successes listed in this comparative article, those doubt might be cleared

Ronaldo vs Messi — what led to their rivalry?

No actual conflict has been recorded between Messi and Ronaldo. Even though they probably do not have the best feelings for each other, they have never done anything in public to prove that.

The comparison will be done using aspects such as:

◆ Number of club trophies.
◆ Number of trophies with their respective national teams.
◆ Opinions of fellow football players
◆ Number of individual trophies.
◆ Total number of scored goals.
◆ Transfer cost.
◆ Popularity.
◆ Income.

Club trophies: Messi vs Ronaldo = 32 vs 24

Messi has a significant advantage over Ronaldo in trophies won with their different clubs, a third of his awards are Spanish and UEFA Super Cups.

Messi has 8 wins in the national championships, while Ronaldo won only five times. Messi has 4 wins in the Champions League, same with Ronaldo, but the latter achieved this with two different clubs.

Significant trophies with the national team: Messi vs Ronaldo = 0 vs 1

With Argentina, Messi won nothing. He, however reached the finals four times: three times at America's Cup and once at the World Championships. Ronaldo got a full collection of awards from the European championships and received a gold at the end of the Euro-2016. Ronaldo won the Champions League and a major tournament with the national team. Messi has yet to reach this mark.

Popularity (number of Facebook and Instagram subscribers)

Messi has 172.5 million subscribers vs 237 million subscribers of Ronaldo. Ronaldo is more famous and this may be due to how well his image is managed on social media.

Finance: (total earnings for the last three years)

Messi, according to background data earned 217.5 million dollars while Ronaldo earned 234 million dollars. In recent years, Ronaldo steadily bypasses Messi on the list of the most highly paid players.

Opinions from fellow football players

Many clearly speak highly of Messi. The likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Andre Gomes, and Angel Di Maria refrained from making comments. Deco said that Ronaldinho was better than both of these players but Garay, Tevez, Larsson, Piquet, and Gago favored Lionel. Sir Alex and Mourinho pointed at Ronaldo.

Summing it up, Messi has more support.

Individual trophies (Golden Ball,Golden Boot): Messi vs Ronaldo; 8 vs 8

Messi and Ronaldo both have the same record of this individual awards.

Goals scored (club + international career): Messi vs Ronaldo;670 vs 684

The rate Messi scores are higher than that of his rival — 0.78 goals per game against 0.67 for Ronaldo.

Transfer cost: Messi vs Ronaldo

According to the transfer market, Messi costs 120 million euros while Ronaldo costs 100 million euros.
The estimated cost of Ronaldo in the past was able to go over the mark of 120 million euros, and Messi never moved much higher.

Clearly seen, one can faithfully say that it's a 1:1 in who plays football more better between Messi and Ronaldo. The reason being that both of these football players just can’t beat each other completely in all areas.

The comparison between Messi and Ronaldo is not finished yet, as both players are not ready to retire from their carrers anytime soon. The finish line in their comparison,rivalry,arguments is yet to be reached.


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