End your 2017 with these funny President Buhari memes!


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End your 2017 with these funny President Buhari memes!
Posted on: December 31, 2017, 07:50:55 PM
The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari like any other President has been the subject of a lot of funny memes, and the trend does no seem to end especially now when Nigerians feel his economic decisions are certainly not working.

Below are the very best of Buhari memes that are shared online. The views and opinions expressed here may not go well with you but they aren't personally my own opinions. Give your 2017 a flashback and ride on to 2018!

◆ Nigeria's problems: Who is to blame?

◆ Buhari's visit to Germany and Angela Merkel.

◆ President Buhari really enjoyed his visit to this white lady and internet users do not want to leave Buhari and Merkel alone.

◆ For all those who keep thinking Buhari is shy.

◆ For those who have seen 'White House Down', this particular meme will make you laugh.

◆ This was made out of the most famous line in the president's inaugural speech.

◆ The reaction of Obasanjo to Buhari's speech was hilariously shown in this meme.

◆ About his performance in 'the other room'

◆ When the president was searching for his O-level result.

◆ Buhari's many trips caused Nigerians to plan giveaways.

◆ When you ask for a loan in Nigeria right now, this is the most likely answer you will get

◆ The smile on Buhari's face perfectly fits this tweet.

◆ Indeed the president was a good, bad guy during his youth.

◆ The 'Change begins with me' campaign launched by the president has not been spared

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