African Nations Championship (CHAN)2018: How is Nigeria faring?


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African Nations Championship (CHAN)2018: How is Nigeria faring?
Posted on: January 02, 2018, 08:49:34 PM
Many people even football enthusiasts undermine the value of this competition, the championship of African Football(CHAN).

It is undeniably the biggest football platform for domestic league players in Africa and thousands of fans are eagerly waiting for the new games in 2018.

What is CHAN: Details of the famous championship

The Championship, known as CHAN, was first held in 2009 and is organized by CAF. The competition is a national football battle between the best football teams in Africa and is only for African players playing in their domestic leagues.

This cup is held every two years. The competition was organized in order to find and support new talented national players. The groups consist of four teams, which is selected arbitrarily.

African Nations Championship 2018

This year, the competition will be held between 12th of January and 4th of February 2018 and Morocco is this year's host.The Championship will be held in Marrakesh, Casablanca, Agadir, and Tangier.

There should be maximum of 23 players in the team. The 16 teams were divided into groups. The two teams which leads in every group qualifies for the quarter-finals.

African Nations Championship qualification 2018

Qualifiers were held from April to August of 2017.

African nations championship 2018 groupings

Group A

◆ Sudan
◆ Mauritania
◆ Morocco
◆ Guinea

Group B

◆ Uganda
◆ Namibia
◆ Ivory Coast
◆ Zambia

Group C

◆ Rwanda
◆ Equatorial Guinea
◆ Libya
◆ Nigeria

Group D

◆ Congo
◆ Burkina Faso
◆ Angola
◆ Cameroon

African Nations Championship 2018: Who are the favorites coming into the competition?

It is hard to determine the African Nations Championship results for this year but experts expect some 'strong' teams to do better than others in the competition.

They singled out the Morocco team as the first favorite with their main player Khalid Boutaïb. The team showed good results during qualifying matches.
The next likely favorite is the Nigerian team.

The Championship this year would be delightful to watch as it always is. African football is full of surprises and Africans know best how to soccer the African way. African Nations Championship Cup allows the continent showcase the quality of home-based players and equally beneficial for the development of Football in Africa!


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