Where are Internally Displaced Persons(IDP) camps in Nigeria located?


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Internally Displaced Persons Camps are temporary shelters provided for people who have been forced to leave their native homes because of an emergency. This type of camps helps these internally displaced persons find a temporary place of rest till their homes are safe to return to.

IDPs have different reasons for leaving their homes, in most cases, it is because of communal clashes, natural disasters or attacks by terrorists.

There are IDP camps located in different parts of Nigeria particularly in the northern region. According to statistics, there are more than two million people living in these camps in Nigeria and these people face many problems than happiness.

Unfortunately, the government can't solve all problems of those people and these people are greatly lacking in terms of help and financial support. This being that the number of displaced people is growing, so it is hard to help all of them. Internal Displaced people also face intolerance. Different tribes often have a quarrel, and this creates added issues. Lack of medical support also pose a serious threat to the lives of these citizens.

The biggest IDP camps in Nigeria

IDP Camps in Lagos - is situated in Ibeju Lekki area. It was established in 2016 as a federal shelter for such persons.

IDP Camps in Borno state contain 1,434,149 people. The biggest Camps are in Maiduguri, there are 4 biggest IDP camps near Maiduguri: Arabic Teachers College (9,880 IDPs), Teachers Village (6,500 IDPs), National Youth Service Scheme Camp (6,611 IDPs) and Gubio (4,500 IDPs)

IDP Camps in Abuja contain 13,481 people. The biggest camps in Abuja are: Lugbe IDP Camp, Area One IDP Camp, New Kuchingoro IDP Camp, Kuje IDP Camp.  

Volunteers contribute a lot to solve various problems of these IDPs since the Government can't do enough to ease them. People from all over the country collect clothes, food, medicines and take them to those camps.

The displaced people are defenseless and they continually need supports from people. The government as a whole can not cover all these sectors and still seen to perform effectively, therefore individuals need to help too.