Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) fees and guide for new students/freshers


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Just as every new student in any institution needs a guide through, they certainly deserves to be guided.This guide is not just applicable in AKSU but practically to all state schools.

Compared to other state universities in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State University school fees ranks among the cheapest, therefore students that put AKSU as their first choice of university should be rest assured of a reasonable school fees payment.

Where is AKSU departmental screening conducted

The screening/clearance excersise is always conducted in the department or faculty you are admitted to. Any last minute change would be made known in the school premise.

Requirements for AKSU departmental screening

1. Original Jamb Registration Form.
2. Original Jamb Result Slip.
3. Original Jamb Admission Letter, This Letter Must Be 2 Different Types Being Specified, (For Institution Use/ For Candidate Use).
4. Original Waec Or Neco certificate
5. First School Leaving Certificate.
6. Original Certificate Of Origin.
7. Original Birth Certificate Or Statutory Age Declaration.
8. Recommendation Letter From Anybody In A High Position In Government, Company Or Your Village Head And Any Well Known Parastatals.

Read!Letter of recommendation needed by institutions | How is it written

Please Note: Letter Of Recommendation From Your Church Won't Be Accepted.

9. Original Acceptance Fee Receipt.
10. Original School Fee Receipt. - If You Haven't Changed Your Acceptance/ School Fee Payment Teller To Receipt, You'll Do So At The School Bursary Before Presenting It At The Screening Hall.

Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) School Fees&Payment Procedures For Freshers

Indigenes pay about N56,000.00 per session while  Non-indigenes pay about N76,000.00 per session  
Payment procedure

1. Visit http://www.aksu.edu.ng from any internet access point (E.g. Cybercafés).
2. Click on Student menu
3. Enter your Jamb registration number with access code (the code given after Bio-data registration) and click the VERIFY button.
4. Select the SCHOOL FEE button and click CONTINUE button.
6. Click on print button to print the Pre- Payment Analysis Slip.
7. Click on MAKE PAYMENT button to make payment using the eTransact online payment platform.
8. Select Pay AT BANK mode from the payment mode option menu.
9. The list of banks supported on the platform appears, click the CONTINUE button to proceed.
10. An ACKNOWLEDGMENT SLIP containing your transactions details appears.
11. Click on PRINT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP button to print the slip.
12. With the Acknowledgment slip visit any branch of the banks listed on the platform.
13. At the bank, the bank teller uses the Acknowledgment slip to accept the payment in Cash and provides the student with an eTransact e-payment receipt.
14. Visit the Bursary Department to change your e-receipt to the University official receipt.  

Below are the various banks that accepts payments for Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) School Fees.

1. Union Bank
2. Sterling Bank
3. United Bank for Africa (UBA)
4. First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
5. Diamond Bank
6. Unity Bank
7. Enterprise Bank
8. GTB Bank
9. Access Bank
10. EcoBank, etc  

Key Tips for AKSU Freshers

Get the necessary textbooks: It is high time you started to invest in textbooks. Relying on the lecturers' handouts won't really help you know. Remember lecturers will give you so little and expect much more from you during examinations.

Schedule your study time:  You should start this semester with a proper study schedule. So, instead of constantly delaying your assignments to do at night, you can carve out about 30 minutes every day for each class you’re taking. You can also choose a specific place to study after each lecture.

Start a healthy, daily habit: Do not limit your campus activities to attending lectures and going to the library to study, you also need to start living a healthy lifestyle, eat right food and have enough sleep to stimulate your brain activities.

These tips will surely help you to have an amazing first year. If you repeat these tips, you will be surprised how accademical an moral you are! As a final note,Congrats! For choosing AKSU!


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