Best High quallity stabilizers in Nigeria reviews and their prices


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Voltage regulators also known as stabilizers provide stability in voltage supply to appliances connected to it.

They may be used to regulate one or more AC or DC Voltages depending on their design.

This guide will help you get one with low cost maintenance, a warranty and durability. Also it is important to have a fore knowledge of stabilizers that can stand the sudden,frequent power outages and fluctuations in the country.

The leading brands in Nigeria are:

◆ Mercury
◆ Power Deluxe  
◆ Haier Thermocool
◆ Blue Gate Century
◆ Nexus Binatone A&E Dunamis

1. QASA  

QASA  5000VA

Price range: ₦31,500 – ₦40,000

Quick review:

◆Input: 100- 280V AC 50 HZ
◆Output: 230V AC 50 Hz
◆Twin digital meter
◆Stability: ± 5%
◆Extra handle
◆Overload protection
◆Capacity: 5000W
◆Multifunctional sockets
◆Replaceable fuse protection

QASA Stabilizer 2000VA
Price range: ₦14,000 – ₦25,000

Quick review

◆Delayed On/Off Surge and shock protection
◆Easy handles
Replaceable fuse protection
◆Wide input Voltage: 100V-280V

Century 5000W TUB 5KVA Stabilizer

Price range: ₦33,000 – ₦42,000

Key features: ◆Capacity: 5000VA
◆Analogue meter
◆Time Delay button
◆Output: 230V 50 Hz
◆Complete output regulation
◆Compatible features for large chest freezers, air conditioners (split unit)

Century 3000W TUB 3KVA Stabilizer

Price range: ₦25,000 – ₦32,000

Key features:
Capacity Output: 230V, 50Hz
Compatible features for large chest freezers and small air conditioners


AVR1000 Nexus Voltage Regulator – 1000VA

Price range: ₦8,000 – ₦13,000

Key features:
◆Wide range voltage: 100V-260V
◆Input and Output display
◆Resettable circuit breaker
◆Delay and Undelay function
◆High output voltage protection
◆Low input voltage protection


Blue Gate 5KVA Stabilizer

Price range: ₦27,000 – ₦55,000

Key features: Voltage:

◆98% efficiency
◆Wide input voltage range
◆Input and output voltage meter display
◆Circuit breaker
◆High temperature protection
◆High output voltage protection
◆Low output voltage protection
◆Overload protection
◆Over voltage protection

Blue Gate 2KVA Stabilizer

Price range: ₦12,500-₦41,000

Key features:

◆Ambient temperature: -10°C to 40°C
◆Input/output setting: Plug/ Socket
◆Under voltage and over voltage protection
◆Input voltage range: 100VAC-260VAC
◆Output voltage range: 200-240V (Empty load)
◆Classic series,
◆El transformer,
◆relay type Circuit breaker
◆Dimension: (DxWxH)mm: 265x125x155


Mercury 10KVA Single Phase Stabilizer

Price range: ₦94,000-₦165,000

Key features:

◆Phase: single Input voltage: 160-250/70-130
◆Output voltage: 220±3% with 110±3%
◆Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Mercury 5KVA AVR

Price range: ₦29,000-₦40,000

Key features:

◆Wide input voltage range: 130V-280V AC
◆Over voltage protection: > 280V
◆AC Low voltage protection: <130V AC
◆Power capacity: 5000VA/3000V
◆AC Soft start protection (necessary to protect expensive appliances)

Mercury 2KVA AVR Stabilizer

Price range: ₦15,000 – ₦20,000

Key features:

◆Voltage protection function
◆Delay time selection
◆High rate performance
◆Input voltage: 100-270V AC
◆Output voltage: 220 ±8%
◆Efficiency: >98%
◆Sort circuit protection: Fuse Temperature: 0°C – 40°C
◆Panel display: Analogue Meter Communication; RS232/USB


TEC Stabilizer Digital 5000VA

 Price range: ₦36,700 – ₦48,000

Key features:

◆High output voltage protection ◆Circuit breaker
◆High-temperature protection
◆Load capacity: 5000VA in single phase
◆100% power output guaranteed
◆Stabilizes voltage of 2HP, 3HP and split air conditioners

TEC Stabilizer Digital 2000VA

Price range:  ₦18,200 – ₦25,000

Key features:

◆Durable rugged E-type transformer
◆Circuit breaker for overload protection
◆Handle for convenience
◆Maximum power efficiency and fast reaction
◆Power indicator
◆Time delay push button
◆100% power output guaranteed


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