How much will it cost to get a marriage certificate in Nigeria? What are the registration procedures?


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Some yet-to-married partners think they have certainly done the heaviest thing going into marriage when they have proposed and agreed to each other.

You know the pains you went through before this proposal and you sincerely believe what is left is to find that perfect wedding dress? It might not be that snappy.

Did you have any idea of the issue of a marriage registration? Have you cooled down from the erotic love affairs to think of the process of getting a marriage certificate? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Plus many other related questions which may resound in the mind to an ordinary person who isn't yet into the chemistry of marriage.

Love affairs and pre-marriage erotics shouldn't be mixed up with the marriage proper, and that is why the Government of any country including Nigeria don't joke with its marriage registry.

Nigerians can choose any wedding ‘format’ they would like to have. In other words, a couple might choose to do the traditional wedding ceremony, a white wedding, or a simple ceremony at a Registry Office.

Marriage registry in Nigeria

Although there are differences in the types of marriages in Nigeria, most of it usually end with getting the marriage certificate.

The ‘Marriage Act’ (1990), states that there are two Federal Marriage Registries in Abuja and Lagos, and plenty of other local ones. So, what it means here is that there is at least one in your state.

Processes in getting a marriage certificate in Nigeria

◆  When you visit the local Registry Office the next thing you need to do is write a declaration of marriage. A registrar provides you with a special form (Form A) to fill in.

All that is required here is your personal data like name, age, address, occupation, marital status, parents written consent (if you are under 21) and signature. Also needed will be two passport photographs.

◆ After that, your notice will be analyzed thoroughly and posted on the door of the Registry Office.

It takes 21 days overall. The official makes an entry of your declaration to the Marriage Notice Book.

◆ The lovers have to pay the Prescribed Fee, which differs between regions. The cost is no more than N25,000.

◆ Then, the lovers have to wait 21 days. If there is an urgent need to get married earlier, the lovebirds need to purchase a special license. You will be charged higher for this otherwise when the 21 days expire the couple may come to the Registry Office to continue the procedure.

◆ At the registry office again, the fiancés must fill in three forms. The first is an affidavit where the applicants write down their age and marital status (single, divorced or widowed). If a person is widowed or divorced, then he or she has to produce the respective certificates (the divorce settlement, the death certificate of the late spouse).

And if a person is under 21 and wants to get married, a written consent from his/her parents must be filed too. The second form is ‘Prohibited Degree Form’. It is designated to show the categories of people a person can and cannot be legally get married to. The filling in of the third document implies writing down names and surnames of parents or close relatives and witnesses.

◆ After that, the couple swears on the Bible or Koran that the personal data they had produced is correct and right. After making it up to this level, the betrothed can finally relax.

The marriage ceremony can be done within two days or you can pick a suitable date (on the condition that the day of the wedding must be Thursday, or Saturday if you applied for the special license).  

The newlyweds get the marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony in a church or at the Registry Office. They have to sign three copies of the marriage certificate. The witnesses do the same.

One copy is for the Registry Office, and the other is for the newlywed. The third copy is sent to one of the Federal registry offices to be kept.

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