Is Cocoyam good for diabetes? How safe is it to consume?


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Is Cocoyam good for diabetes? How safe is it to consume?
Posted on: January 14, 2018, 11:10:05 PM
You've probably heard some myths about cocoyam and diabetes being connected but you are not ready to be deceived easily without facts.  

Scientists and medical experts have been exploring the potentials of different plants to understand their value for medical purposes and one of such plant to fall to their exploration is cocoyam.

The popular Nigerian plant has lots of health benefits and worth. All cocoyams come from the same Arum family of plants. There are two types and two botanical names for this tropical crop: Old cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta or simply Taro) New cocoyam (Xanthosoma spp. or simply Malanga)

The cocoyam plant has heart-shaped leaves of about 0.5 meters and the stems can grow as tall as 1 meter above the ground.

Health benefits of cocoyam

The roots and the plant itself has starch, dietary fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. Other advantages and nutritional facts include:

• It is a natural source of carbohydrate (you can get it from the starch).
• The roots are rich high protein.
• Your digestive system will function better thanks to the dietary fiber contained in the plant.
• There are many vitamins in the plant (Vitamin B, C, and E). Cocoyam contains calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.
• Your immune system gets stronger thanks to all the nutrients offered by this one.

Some people consume cocoyam by baking it while others enjoy it fried. Some people love milling, blending, roasting, pounding or other methods.

Cocoyam and Diabetics: Is cocoyam good for a diabetic patient?

Cocoyam with its health benefits makes it good for diabetic patients. A report has it that the number of starch grains contained in the plant can be digested without any issues.

Patients who have diabetes can eat cocoyam and get carbohydrates while having no problems with the digesting system.

Another report added that cocoyam and diabetes are two ‘great friends’ and patients can eat the plant to manage their mellitus (level of sugar in the blood).

 Another fact is that there is no gluten in cocoyam. This means that patients who cannot stand gluten due to severe allergies can eat it without worries.

Diabetics aside, Cocoyam plant is very high in nutritional value. So always having cocoyam bountifully in your house is recommended and most probable, for diabetics patients.


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