Tissue Paper making machine in Nigeria - It's price and review


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Tissue Paper making machine in Nigeria - It's price and review
Posted on: January 15, 2018, 08:53:54 PM
The demand for tissue paper is regularly high because of the role the product serves in the country.

There are diverse producers of tissue papers because it is regularly used in kitchens, toilets, rooms of homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants, eateries, shops, .... etc.

Despite huge investments on tissue papers, there are more room for business to thrive considering the fact that large amounts of it is consumed daily. There are more benefits of investing in tissue paper machines as it would lift you up from the poverty level experienced widely in the country.

To escape this grip of poverty, it is neccessary to know the insider of tissue-paper making particularly the machine's price and features.

Types of Tissue paper

• Toilet paper: This is using for cleaning after defecating and is used mostly in toilets. It is sometimes used to wipe surfaces as well.
• Paper towels: These are similar to table napkins but are smaller in size and are used to wipe dirt off cutlery, plates and pans.
• Serviette tissue: these are a set of ply rolls that are usually square shaped. They are basically used for cleaning hands in restaurants, eateries and homes.  
• Table napkins: these are made of tissue paper and used basically in dinning areas, kitchens, eateries and restaurants to wipe off food particles while eating.
• Wrapping tissue: This is a thin, long and translucent tissue paper used for wrapping and packing mostly food.

Tissue making machines,prices,reviews,types and how to order

As a tool used in the production of tissue paper, tissue paper making machine consists of raw material stands, paper conveying units, embossing unit, perforating unit, rolling unit, electricity control and cutting system.

There are different types of tissue making machines, some are designed with computer control system and fully automated in the production process with complete functions and high speed production. Some of them are:

• Core Making machine:  N20,000 on Alibaba.

This is used to make high output of pre cut cores for toilet tissue winding by manufacturing thin medium wall lubes and cores for tissue rolls and fax rolls.

• High speed toilet paper machine: N170,000 on alibaba.

This machine produces bathroom tissue rolls, kitchen towel rolls, single toilet rolls, packaging.

• Manufacturing high speed automatic facial tissue paper folding machine: 25,000 on alibaba.

It is used for producing facial tissue paper. It adopts Siemens plc control and quickly absorbs Germany, Italy and Japan upgrades. It saves labor cost and reduces high automation with good finished products, it is easy to operate and perfectly suitable for amateurs and professionals.

• Toilet paper production line: N20,000 on Alibaba.

This machine is used to produce toilet tissue rolls, paper towel rolls, single roll packing toilet roll, kitchen towel roll and toilet paper rolls in bags as well as paper towel rolls in bags.  
Driven Type: Electric
Packaging: Wooden Case
Feature: Household paper machine
Type: Feeding and sealing machine
Machine color: On customer demand

• Facial tissue production line: N20,000 on Alibaba

This machine produces facial tissue in bulk for wholesale as well as box drawing facial tissue, nylon packaging facial tissue in nylon filming, folded facial tissue and more. It is quite easy to operate and suitable for beginners.

Driven Type: Timing belts, chains and gear box.
Voltage and frequency: based on customer requirements.
Feature: Household facial tissue making machine
Trademark: TMX

• Pulp and waste paper recycling jumbo roll tissue paper making machine: N30,000 naira on alibaba.

This machine adopts plc computer programming technology, step less variable speed pneumatic hydraulic machine interface operation. It consists the following accessories:

Single cylinder and single mould paper machine
Water pulp machine
Vibrating screen
Details machine
Vacuum pump
Semi and auto rewinding perforating machine
Band saw cutter
Vertical sealing machine
Local boiler/gas boiler/ fuel boiler.

ifeanyi ejiofor

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Good day, i would like to make enquiry and also have your catalogue on tissue paper making machine.
I will need capacity, specification, price and shipment.

adeleke ige

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pls ill like to have the price of an automated tissue making machine that can package and maybe print.
Also the price oj jumbo rolls per ton.
then how many core paper can the machine make . Materials for making core


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 Good day, i would like to as well make enquiry and also have your catalogue on tissue paper making machine.
I will need capacity, specification, price and shipment.

emmanuel Udoudo

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Please, I will like to enquiries and price quote on an automatic tissue making machine ( complete production line) that can rewind, cut, package and seal.
Full automatic and semi automatic.

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