Auto Bitcoin Builder and it's pending withdrawals solution


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Auto Bitcoin Builder and it's pending withdrawals solution
Posted on: January 17, 2018, 11:19:55 PM
Various systems, schemes, and resources for Bitcoin mining and trading are all over the internet today.

One of such is the Auto Bitcoin Builder which according to them promises 6% profit on deposit per day with a member base of more than 44363.

Is it possible to earn Bitcoin cryptocurrency on this site and how to get withdrawals?

Auto Bitcoin Builder and how it works

The site proposes to make automatic payments to Bitcoin wallet after being through the following stages:  

1. Create an account on the resource. Account registration is free.
2. Activate your account. You are required to make an investment, it can just be a minimum of 1 dollar;
3. Get your profit. When you've gotten your deposit is activated, the system starts to do the automatic charging.

The website is a funding system - the idea of such system is to collect the efforts and resources of different people on the Internet to support the development of businesses.

Auto Bitcoin Builder is one of the first income providing hyper funding resource on the market. A big plus of such scheme is that it does not require large investments from participants.

The profit-making system is automated while paying out with Bitcoin as the safest cryptocurrency. The resource promises 24/7 profit growth and describes itself as a unique opportunity for easy earning.

The problems with pending withdrawals - Solutions

Despite the eye-catching promises they make, there have been more and more complaints about the fact that people do not receive their payments from Auto Bitcoin Builder.

People reportedly wait for payments but do not receive them. According to them, they will pay automatically after request, but the site also says that payment can be delayed due to the slow work of some Bitcoin wallets and verifications.

According to official information from them, there can be several reasons why payment can be in pending status. Firstly, you need to have a valid Bitcoin wallet address. Check your account and the correctness of the wallet address. You can always update the account, so be attentive to the details of wallet address.

The withdrawal request can be flagged for security reasons. This is the extremely rare case when the security team reviews the request, it can take no longer than 72 hours, as they said.

Also, it seems like you don't lose your money in this situation as the pending withdrawals if not paid, could be returned to an account.

Many have warned that Auto Bitcoin Builder is a scam and many former users claim that it pays out the fake profits to members. The site claims that the 6% profit payments are possible because they work with Bitcoin.

Auto Bitcoin Builder: Is it a Ponzi scheme?

Ponzi schemes trick people with the idea that the money that would be paid them comes from a very good investment, and the customers are encouraged to invite their friends to join.
The chances of earning are slim.

The website pays out the first level of investors with the very good returns.And these first investors are amazed and urge all their friends to join the site to earn money. Auto Bitcoin Builder motivates them by rewarding those who bring in new members.

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The site then uses the new investments to pay out the next customers. You see, this ignites people to invest more money while in actuality your gain is another person’s loss. And when the flow of new investors finishes, the whole scheme collapses.

This is vaguely happening now as users are having difficulty redrawing. Auto Bitcoin builder is a real Ponzi scheme and with many crypto-currency resource evolving, it's appropriate to be guided by your own investments.

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