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Are one of the Jumia affiliate partners finding it difficult to generate affiliate link or linking Jumia product with your own unique affiliate ID for some of the product you want to market to be able to own a commission once this is a sale?

Recently Jumia announced System Maintenance of the affiliate portal

Dear Partner,

We are currently working on a system maintenance, as a result, the current Jumia affiliate portal will be unavailable. Pending while the process is ongoing, you can log in to your account using our alternative portal

The new alternative jumia affiliate portal is not as friendly as the old one that you are used to though I still receive another mail from Jumia trying to help out on how to use the new alternative portal but I will make it easier for you to understand especially if you are having problem generating your own unique affiliate links or trying to link any product to your own affiliate  Id.

Getting started

Am sure you are already one of Jumia affiliate partners but if you are not, then feel free to check out How to make more money with Jumia Affiliate Program but if you have already registered simply log in to Jumia Affiliate login page.

Sign in with your registered username and password and then click offers as you can see below.

After clicking offer you will see a list of jumia partner countries as you can see on the image, the next step is to select and click on the country you want to generate affiliate link but I selected Nigeria as an example.

After you might have selected your desired country, you will be taken to another page called creative where you can find lots of affiliate banners of all types and sizes or generate affiliate links.

To generate Links click on 1 link as you can see.

After clicking on the 1 Link option then you will see something like this.

It is called deep link generator that enables you to link any jumia product and service pages.

To Generate link all you need to do now is to visit Jumia main website product page and not Jumia affiliate portal that you want to link to and copy the product URL address

After copying the landing page URL you want to link to then return to the Affiliate portal and past the URL address to the destination as you can see below.

The image above shows you how to generate custom links, once you paste your desired landing page to the destination it will automatically be linked without you doing anything other than copy the affiliate link on the top right-hand side, use it on your website or shorten it using URL shorteners like https://goo.gl

How to Get Jumia affiliate Banners

Things are no longer the same as the used to with the new alternative jumia affiliate portal and getting image banners might look a bit tricky but you can follow the same method you followed when generating deep custom affiliate link.

Click offers and then select the country just the way we did when generating link, you will be taken to a creative page where you will need to choose 33 images or something related as you can see below

Once you click on the images you will be taken at another page where you can either generate custom link or downloaded numerous banners that you can use and to that simply check the product category that you want and click on download zip

You will see lots of image banners you can use based on your selected categories, let me downloaded one of the image banner packs and see what it looks like.


When downloading an image you will first see the land page URL of that particular category which can just copy and use because your affiliate ID has been already assigned to it but you will need to download the banners and upload to your server and get the banner URL or anywhere else as long as you have access to it.

I will be willing to help you further if you are still not clear on how to generate Jumia custom affiliate link or other Jumia product and services landing pages.


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