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Posted by: Drealup
« on: January 24, 2018, 09:52:19 PM »

If you want to study in the university of your dream, then it's good you know the JAMB new grading system and how to calculate yours.

Calculating the grades involves two parts:
1. JAMB score
2. O-Level results.

Firstly convert the score you got in JAMB exams into grade points.

This is how it works: 
If you score ◆ 180-185, you get 20 points;
◆ 186-190 , you get 21 points;
◆ 191-195, you get 22 points;
◆ 196-200 , you get 23 points;
◆ 201-205 , you get 24 points;
◆ 206-210 , you get 25 points;
◆ 211-215 , you get 26 points;
◆ 216-220 , you get 27 points;
◆ 221-225 , you get 28 points;
◆ 226-230 , you get 29 points;
◆ 231-235 , you get 30 points;
◆ 236-240 , you get 31 points;
◆ 241-245 , you get 32 points;
◆ 246-250 , you get 33 points;
◆ 251-300 , you get 34-43 points;
◆ 301-400 , you get 44-60 points.

The second part involves calculating how many points you get from your NECO/WAEC exams. 

If your exam results have all been achieved in a single sitting, then you are awarded 10 points; If your exam results have been achieved in multiple sittings, then you are only awarded 2 points;

◆ If you have scored an A1 (75-100%) in a subject, you get 6 points;
◆ If you have scored a B2 (70-74%) or a B3 (65-60%) in a subject, you get 4 points;
◆ If you have scored a C4 (60-64%), a C5 (55-59%) or a C6 (50-54%) in a subject, you get 3 points.

Example a candidate, Ubong Akpan scored 244 in his JAMB exam. This means that he gets 32 points.

He managed to pass all of his WAEC subjects in one sitting, which means that he can add another 10 points to his score.

For him to be admitted into a university of his choice, he needs to have five O’level subjects. He scored an A1 in one of them (which is worth 6 points), a B2 and a B3 in two others (which are worth 8 points in total) and two C4 (which are worth 6 points in total). This means that he can add another 20 points to his score.

Summing it up, Ubong Akpan gets 32+10+20=62 points. He has to now wait until the university of his choice releases cut off marks, then he can figure out whether he got in or not. That's how the newest JAMB grading system works. You can review it again for proper clarification.