How to participate and win TOTAL CHAN CHALLENGE Promo


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How to participate and win TOTAL CHAN CHALLENGE Promo
Posted on: January 29, 2018, 08:26:43 AM
Total Nigerian Plc is currently running a promo called CHAN CHALLENGE that allows Africans to participate and stand a chance f winning cash prices every day which started since January 13, 2018 to end on February 4, 2018 which means you still got some chance to participate in the ongoing TOTAL CHAN CHALLENGE Promo

Total, an official sponsor of the African Cup of Nations is using this medium to reinforce her commitment to promoting African football and launch Totals new and improved mascot - Roboquartz 4.

A digital football game will be launched online to engage with, reward football lovers and promote the ongoing Text and win promo. The game is to provide Digital Engagement with our customers and reward Total fans for active participation. Every day a successful player of the game stands a chance to win N10,000  worth of free fuel in a Total Card. 3 winners of N10,000 Total card will emerge every day during the campaign. Customers who purchase Total Lubricants, scratch and text 13 digit  code to 38353 also stand a chance to win fantastic prizes such as airtime, tablets, phones, solar lamps and a brand new Kia Rio


To enter the Game and stand a chance to win, each participant shall:
• Access the Website;
• Register by filling the participation form and then click on "play" to validate his/her registration;
• Choose a ball and click on “GO”;
• The participant directly finds on a new page whether he wins or loses.

If he/she chooses to, each participant will have the possibility to invite anyone else to participate to the Game on the Website:
• Either via Facebook, he will thus have to comply with Facebook terms and conditions of use.
• Either via Twitter, he will thus have to comply with Twitter terms and conditions of use.
• Either by sending them the link via SMS;
• Either by copying the link and sharing it via email or any instant messaging means.


There shall be 3 (three) Winners daily.
Each Winner will win a customized Total card of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira only) each daily
throughout the duration of the Game.
It being specified that a gamer shall be designated as a winner only once during the entire duration of
the game and shall be entitled to one prize.
The Organising Company reserves the right to replace any endowment by one with an equivalent
value, especially in the event of the unavailability of the endowment initially planned.

 Designation of winners

 Winners are designated by the “winning instants” method said “open”, as described below, being
precised that each participant can only win one “winning instant”: if the participant matches one of the
winning instants defined using a random designation algorithm, a dedicated page appears
immediately and a confirmation of his/her quality of winner is sent to him/her by email.

 Each winner will be contacted by the Organising Company within 72 (seventy-two) hours to be
informed of the procedure to follow to get his/her prize.

To know more about this game and start playing now visit TOTAL CHAN CHALLENGE page but if you wish to learn how to play or to know the rules simply click here

If you have any question regarding the TOTAL CHAN CHALLENGE PROMO kindly join the conversation and I will be happy t answer your questions.