How to attract responsible women for a serious relationship


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How to attract responsible women for a serious relationship
Posted on: February 07, 2018, 06:07:38 PM
Everything in life has rules and now that you want someone responsible for a serious relationship you need to follow the rules to attract the right person that can give you peace of mind and care you deserved.

Relationships might not be that hard to start but finding that person that you really need in your life is not simple, that is why I decided to tell you few things you need to know about women that will enable you to find the rightful person that has what it takes to add something positive to your life.

Let me tell you, when setting up a trap to catch animals, the type of trap and what you used to set your trap will surely determine the type of animal you might catch based on their interest but now I want to teach you how to set the right trap that can easily catch the right women that you need in your life.

Do you know why I titled this post how to attract responsible women for a serious relationship?

I guess you don't know the answer but to be sincere finding a woman is not too hard but when it comes to those precious and responsible women it takes a lot to attract them and if you doubt me then let me ask you.

Have you been in a situation where many girls wanted you by all means and yet the one you are dying for don't pay any attention to you, it works that way sometimes but after reading this article you will learn how to attract the right women of your choice and not those you don't really need.

There are some qualities girls likes and to catch them you need to have those qualities and I will be listing them below.

Be gentle and reponsible

In as much as you wanted a responsible woman, they equally need a responsible man that knows how to treat a woman and to pass this you must mind how you talk how you walk and what you do.

They Hate womanizers

The difference between a responsible woman and those who are not responsible is their lifestyles, those who are responsible are very careful about their life and what they do while an irresponsible woman doesn't mind doing whatever necessary to fulfill their selfish desires without minding the consequences.

Don't let people know you as a guy who chases women up and down but play cool that your dream woman will be surprised how you summoned the courage to talk to her since she hardly see's you with any woman.

To attract those responsible women you must live a similar life with them and they will be dying to have someone like you in their life but if you don't, you might attract those who only dances to your tune as long as your pocket is loaded.

Don't be in a haste to make her your woman

Don't expect them to accept to go out with you easily or to say yes without any delay instead be nice to her, make her happy with sweet words and don't be too serious with her until she starts liking you even when you have not said anything to her.

Some women will turn you down when you just came to her and ask her to come to your place but the tricks that work great is to be nice and friendly until the right time when you might have slowly shown her all the reasons to say Yes.

Don't be a hot-tempered person

Women don't like hot-tempered men because they can easily fight whenever you offend them since they are easily provoked, that is why you need to learn how to control your anger even if you are a hot-tempered person because it can jeopardize your chances of finding a good responsible woman of your choice.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask, am still you Love Doctor


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Re: How to attract responsible women for a serious relationship
#1 Posted on: October 19, 2018, 09:15:58 PM
I have a strong believe that if you have a good job and you think that you are satisfied with your life then it will be easy for you to attract a woman. I have noticed that we get hurried in this matter as we try to do everything early in our life. You can attract a woman by showing your love to her!

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