What can You say about Hub8 Nigerian Web-hosting provider


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What can You say about Hub8 Nigerian Web-hosting provider
Posted on: February 12, 2018, 12:07:11 PM
Have you heard about Hub8 Nigerian web hosting provider offering unbeatable prices on their web hosting packages and at the same time offering 100% free hosting account to those who just want to get started right away.

They are not new to hosting business but it seems that they are doing something different this time around because presently they are among the best and most affordable web hosting providers in Nigeria.

This Is not a promoted post neither am I trying to promote hub8 web hosting provider but I always like to commend and encourage people when they are doing something marvelous and for the first time in Nigeria you can actually enjoy free web hosting services and when I say free I meant free not with any special condition, all you need is a domain name.

How Hub8 Free Hosting plan works

Their free hosting plan doesn't have much space but big enough to get you started and to be sure of their services before upgrading to their paid hosting plan.

No ads. 100% Free Hosting

Just like a said its 100% free without any special conditions and the reason behind it according to Hub8 is to help you succeed and the better way to help you is to get you started even without the required funds.

Features of Hub8 Free hosting

Hub8 hosting gives you all you need to get started which includes the following.

⇒ Single Website
⇒ 500 Mb Disk Space
⇒ 100 GB Bandwidth
⇒ OS: CentOS 6
⇒ PHP, Perl, Python
⇒ MySQL Databases
⇒ Intel Xeon Servers
⇒ SSD & Hardware RAID
⇒ Clustered Nameservers
⇒ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
⇒ DDoS Protection
⇒ 24x7 Support

Join Hub8 Hosting Now

The features above are just enough to get you started for free.

You can checkout Hub8 hosting plans an packages here

Apart from the free hosting plan that Hub8 offers, they also offer the most affordable and reliable hosting and domain registration in Nigeria between N2,500 to 16,900  per year.

Who should use hub8 web hosting

Hub8 hosting will be perfect for beginners and fast-growing online business owners and bloggers because you don't need to spend much paying for expensive web hosting while you are not making any money online because you are just getting started.

Personally what I pay for my VPS hosting on monthly basis is bigger than what you can pay for Hub8 Ultimate hosting plan per year but am able to afford expensive hosting plans because my website has grown to an extent and can actually cover the cost.

If you are currently using hub8 to host your website kindly share your experience with us.

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