Improve your writing skills, avoid misspelling with Grammarly


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Improve your writing skills, avoid misspelling with Grammarly
Posted on: February 19, 2018, 12:32:04 PM
Grammarly is a browser add-on designed to help you improve your writing skills by helping you avoid misspelling and grammatical errors fast and easy.

I came across Grammarly last year and since I started using it I have seen lots of improvement that is why I have decided to tell you more about it because you will need it if you are an online content marker/bloggers or using write a lot online and even if you are just chatting online you still need Grammarly to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

How Grammarly works

To be sincere mistakes and errors are inevitable whether you are a starter or a professional copywriter you do make mistakes unknowingly not because you don't know the right word to use but because you are too fast and straightforward to notice the error.

If you are a blogger you understand how important it is to avoid unnecessary errors while writing and even Google might not rank an article with numerous misspellings and errors, that is why having Grammarly in your browser is a must.

How can Grammarly Help You

To better understand how Grammarly works I will like to show you few examples of what Grammarly can do for you.

When you want to write "BY" and mistakenly wrote "BUY" grammary will tell you that the right word to use is "BY"
If you mistakenly use "ARE" when you should use "IS" Grammarly will mark it as an error and provide you the right option.

Another example is when you mistakenly use "YOU" instead of "YOUR" Grammarly will take charge when it comes to such errors.

The examples above is just a few of what Grammarly can do but you will surely know more about it once you start using it.

How to Get Grammarly

The Good news is that Grammarly is free to download, install and use and can be installed on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other browsers.

Grammarly helps you improve your writing skills completely free of charge but they have an advanced option that enables you to fix advance issues other than misspelling and grammatical errors and advance error fixing requires an upgrade to become a premium user.

To get Grammarly right now simply go to your browser menu and click add-on, then search for new add-on by typing Grammarly in the search box provided.

You will see Grammarly on the list, download and install it and you will be ready to go, the final step is to register and login to see how useful Grammarly can be.

If you have any question regarding Grammarly don't hesitate to ask me.

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