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Own a mobile site
Posted on: September 16, 2013, 02:59:57 AM
Getting Mobile website
is very easy.
The cost is negotiable base on what and what u may wish to run on ur site.
This is the breakdown.
1. A paid domain name (.com,.net..) goes for N3000
2. A free domain namez (.tk,.in....) is free
3. Getting ur script install without editing it for you is N500.
4. What ur php script to be edited to ur desire site name information is just N1000... What am i trying to say?
-A .tk, .in + Non edited script installed = N500
-A .tk, .in + edited script installed = N1000
-A .com, .net + Non edited script installed = N3500
-A .com, .net + edited script installed = N4000
u are looking for a download portal like extremeshare and  dataappsonly its just N1500.
The choice is urs, go for what u want and i shall do help actualised ur dreams this day.
Call 08189391167 or add me on 2go WebConnector and u its shall be done in less than 24hrs.
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Re: Own a mobile site
#1 Posted on: September 16, 2013, 08:24:43 AM
This is just an Offer... its open to the first ten interested clients.. 


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