Ways to solve Android WhatsApp for BB10 media and files sharing problem


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There have been complaints of error message trying to share media using android WhatsApp on a BB10 phone. BB10 devices like Z3, Z10, Z30, BB Classic, Blackberry passport, Q5, and Q10 seems almost impossible to share files with.

These problems can be solved in the following ways:

With WhatsFixer

This app works only with official WhatsApp for Android. It doesn’t work for modded WhatsApp.

BB10 users who had moved to the Android version of WhatsApp are complaining about some issues, and one of it is the problem when trying to send files.  

Steps to solve the problem:

• A microSD card is needed
Download WhatsFixer from blackberry store.
• You need to download Official Android WhatsApp
• Let your phone be on offline mode to prevent distractions.
• Install WhatsApp for Android to your memory card and make sure you grant all permissions while installing it.
• Don’t open the whatsapp yet,  install WhatsFixer also on your memory card and don’t open it also.
• The next step is for you to “force close your WhatsApp for android from device . To do this, go to Settings > App Manager > Device Monitor > WhatsApp and click the blue ‘Close’ key on the bottom of the screen. This should close the WhatsApp app
Don’t open WhatsApp until you are through.
• Launch WhatsFixer.
• Swipe to the left to access the menu then press the “Fix WhatsApp (Android)'' button and close the WhatsFixer app.
• Now, launch your Whatsapp Android. You will be able to send and receive media files .

Limitations to this method are: you can receive gif, but you can’t send. You can’t use your camera from within the WhatsApp but you can send and receive videos, photos, files and audio

With BG-Shell  

This fix though tedious has advantages as it works on all versions of WhatsApp be it modded or official.


• Like the one above, you need a microSD card for this to work.
• You will need BG-Shell. Download BG-Shell. Then download official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp plus.

Make sure you first make a backup of your WhatsApp chats to a safe place.

• This fix also works for GBWhatsApp or WhatsAppplus By changing the name of destination folder in the SD card from ‘WhatsApp’ to any named folder like ‘GBWhatsApp’
• Go to microSD card location from File manager app and create a new folder named: ''Android''  
• Force close the WhatsApp which is currently running on your BB10 by going to Settings > App Manager > Device Monitor > WhatsApp and click the blue ‘Close’ key on the bottom of the screen. This should close the WhatsApp app
• Use File Manager app: Go to the folder named ‘WhatsApp’.  Then ‘ Move’ (not ‘Copy’) the folder to the newly created folder Android on your external microSD card.
•  Open BG Shell Plus app and enter the below mentioned commands exactly one after the other:

$ pwd
You will see the path address for BG Shell Plus folder. You need to change it.
$ cd / accounts/1000/ shared/misc/ android

Check the directory once again:
$ pwd

If you see /accounts/1000/shared/ misc/android, then run the last command:
$ ln -s external_sd/ Android/ WhatsApp WhatsApp

For GBWhatsapp you must type this command instead :
$ ln -s external_sd/ Android/ GBWhatsApp GBWhatsApp

Features including voice call and video call works fine with this fix. Meanwhile, both fixes has been tested by berry technologists and should work perfectly!

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