How to activate and reset GOtv Nigeria (Easy Fix for GOtv errors)


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We all know the stress that is felt when after booting a Gotv decoder it still doesn't run a programme. Some might attribute this to a software problem by Gotv. That may be so sometimes but that is usually not so most atimes.

The steps below would help you activate a failed Gotv decoder with ease. But before that, there are steps you should take to assure yourself whether or not it is a serious shutdown:

• Connect Your Equipment Properly. The first step to activating your GOTV is to ensure that it is properly connected. The antenna port for receiving network, the VGA port for Television, and power port for receiving voltage should all be connected.
• Turn your GOTV decoder on and select the right channel such as 6, 9 or 12.

There may be issues about inavailability of channels which can be retified with ease: 

How to Scan for Channels on GOTV Decoder   

1. With your GOTV remote control directly at the decoder, click on the white last button to your left on your GOTV remote control.
2. Click on ADVANCED OPTIONS when different options come up on your TV screen.
4. Click on AUTOMATIC SCAN, and as soon as the scanning commences don’t switch off your decoder or interrupt the scanning process.
5. Look for the complete numbers of channels which is 57; and while scanning look out for the “TV channels found” display.

If you found 57 channels while scanning that means your scanning was successful, but if not try to scan your decoder again.
6. As soon as you are through with scanning, click on the “exit” button on your remote. 

Ways to activate your Gotv decoder   

Activating Your GOTV Decoder Online Before you can activate your GOTV Nigeria online, you must have internet access on your phone or computer.

1. Log on to and select your country from the drop down menu. Click easy-self service icon.
2. Select a username of your choice, or input your phone number and type your GOTV IUC number and login.
3. The portal-based guide will guide you through as you activate your new GOTV   

How to Activate Your GOTV Nigeria Using SMS

You will be charged about N10 airtme before you can use the SMS method to activate your GOTV. To activate your GOTV Nigeria using SMS, type the following in form of SMS and send it to your country code.

Type ACCEPT*IUC number*name*phone number*location*GoTv package# and send to 4688. The same procedure is applicable to other African countries, but you have to send it to your country code. 

How to Activate Your GOTV Nigeria via USSD

Dial *423# or  *288# on any network and follow a prompt request to activate your GOTV via phone. 

How to Activate Your GOTV on Social Networks

Activating your GOTV on social networks is easier than most methods. To do this, just visit GOTV’s official Facebook or Twitter support page and write on the page declaring your IUC number and requesting a reset.

How to Activate Your GOTV Nigeria via Call

To activate your GOTV on mobile call, you have to call GOTV customer service hotline on 08039044688 and follow the voice instruction. 

All in summary,
• Ensure decoder is connected and switched on to GO Channel (Channel 99).
• SMS “Accept”, your ICU Number, your Mobile Number, your Surname, your City of residence, and the Product, to the short code – 22688.
• GOTV Payments can be made at your nearest payment vendor in your country.
• To clear E16 message SMS (reset+IUC number) to your local GOTV short code.
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