Solutions to DStv decoders refuse to boot/load, won’t scan or popping up Installation wizard problems


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How to revive/fix a DStv HD or Explora decoder with loading/booting problem  

We are familiar to a situation inwhich a decoder with an existing subscription refuses to boot.

You might switch on your decoder but it simply loads till infinity but refuses to enter the menu. Some of these might arise because of minor imperfections that you can easily rectify by following these steps:

Step 1

₹ Unplug the power cord from the decoder for at least 10 minutes.
₹ Disconnect every external input devices such as USB drives and the smart card.
₹ Reconnect only the power cable and see if your decoder might boots.

Step 2  

₹ Unplug the power cord completely.
₹ Next without plugging back the cable, press and hold the P+(P plus) button on your decoder. Now, with your other hand, plug in your the decoder’s power cable while you continue pressing and holding the P+ button.
₹ Monitor the progress on your TV screen and immediately you see the message “CODE”( You will see this on the top right corner), let go of the P+ button.
₹ Almost immediately after releasing the P+ button, press the following buttons in thisorder: P-,P+,P+,P-(- ++-).
₹ Restart your device now.

If the above 2 methods fails, then you may have to go to their office.

Solution to DStv decoder that refuses to scan or one that brings an installation wizard page when switched on

Do you have a problem with your Decoder that has been working previously without any issues.

However one day when you powered it on, you saw an installation wizard as if you are trying to activate a new decoder. if you experience such, then the below possible solutions are for you.

Step 1

Your LNB or coxial cable may be at fault. Your decoder will refuse to display any channels if your coaxial cable is unconnected to the decoder. Also, if the cable is broken or the LNB is faulty, you will have problems getting channels.

Step 2

Solve DStv decoder installation wizard error and channels scanning problems by factory resetting your decoder using the P+ and P- buttons.

 Power off your decoder press and hold the p+ button While still holding that button steadily, switch on your decoder look out for the word “CODE” on your TV and once you see it, release the P+ button

After releasing the P+ button, press -++- in quick succession and your decoder will be able to scan once again. It will also be ready to complete the installation wizard successfully.

The information provided should recommendedly be done only by an approved installer. However by observing the steps judiciously, you can do it yourself.


ogunyemi Mercy Modupe

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ogunyemi Mercy Modupe

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My DStv decoder keeps blinking with the green, red and orange light with 88:88 symbol. It's not scanning

Nonzame Mpayise

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My DStv won’t switches off and it shows sign of being full disc.
It doesn’t want to rewind, catch up and record.


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MY decoder is not scannning

Abdul .E.

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I need solution to dstv booting problem


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Sorry if I am repeating a previous question. My explora 2A keeps rebooting. It says dL then ra and load. After about 3 minutes the process repeats itself again.


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 My explora keeps rebooting. It says dL then ra and load. After about 3 minutes the process repeats itself again

Princewill Sunday

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Please my DSD1110(+2) is always frozen and hangs like that untill you restart it, pls any solution to that?


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Dstv Explora not switching on showing red light only

Joseph uloko

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My explorer keeps showing installation wizard Everytime I on it.  Fix for this please!


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Boot up in progress please wait (UA)

Odegbekun Ridwan

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My Dstv bouquet is not booting up


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Explora decoder stuck on load and tv shows word 'Dstv

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