2019/2020 School Fees Of Akwa Ibom State University


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2019/2020 School Fees Of Akwa Ibom State University
Posted on: April 06, 2018, 08:58:01 PM
Akwa Ibom State University is a public higher education institution located in the southern part of Nigeria.

Activities in full started in 2010, despite the fact that it was founded in 2000. The main buildings of the university are located in Ikot Akpaden. The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own educational library and significant number of sports facilities.


Akwa Ibom State University fees can be divided into two categories,

AKSU fees for Indigene students is 53,000/ per session
AKSU fees for Non-indigenes students  is 73.000/per session

Freshers will need to pay for five General Studies Courses. In total, this will cost N2500, that is, N500 for each of the courses.

How to pay fees online on to the university's official website

1. Enter the following information in the appropriate lines: The individual JAMB registration number Personal Access Code
2. Next, click the Payment button Among the payment methods/options, choose either the option to pay through bank department or an online payment option.
3. If you vy to pay through bank , then you can print out the payment details and pay them in the bank.

Note that full payment is compulsory for first year students!

 Here is the list of affiliated banks that support payment:

1. Union Bank
2. Sterling Bank
3. United Bank of Africa
4. First City Monument Bank
5. Diamond Bank
6. Unity Bank
7. Enterprise Bank
8. GTB Bank
9. Access Bank
10. EcoBank.

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