How to prevent or send WordPress spam comment to trash automatically


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I hate spam comments both from both and human and am sure you hate it too but the question is how to prevent or trash without no stress, imagine when you look at your Wordpress admin menu to see more than 10 spam comments without any meaningful comments among them.

If you are a blogger using Wordpress then continue reading because there are few simple ways you can prevent or trash spam comment automatically and prevent them from appearing as a genuine comment.

If you have mastered Wordpress platform then this might not be a news to you but rather a reminder because this option has been there in your Wordpress admin dashboard but you might not realize that such feature exists.

How to block Wordpress Spam comment

If you need to prevent bots from gaining access to your Wordpress then you might need to enable google reCAPTCHA which makes hard for bots and easy to human, you can as well enable maths verification on your comment page, some plugin can do that for you.

There are many Wordpress plugin that can help you prevent spam comments but the reason why I don't rely on them is that sometimes you will end up unknowingly making it hard or preventing your readers from commenting on your blog but the method I like most is that I trash them automatically.

How to send spam comment to trash automatically

As I said earlier this method might not be new to many bloggers who have been using Wordpress for a long time, this method works with IP addresses.

If you see bots or someone publishing irrelevant comments regularly on your blog and you wish to prevent the comment appearing in your dashboard but directly to trash folder then follow this simple steps below.

1. Login to your Wordpress admin dashboard and then to your comments folder

2. Copy the Ip addresses of those bots that keep publishing useless comments


Looking at the above image will show you what bots spam comments looks like and how to locate their IP address, thanks to Wordpress for providing Comment Blacklist feature.

Wordpress Comment Blacklist enables you to blacklist any one or even bots from commenting on your Wordpress blog and once you blacklist an IP address any comment from such IP will move directly to trash.

3. To backlist, Ip address in wordpress simply click settings and then discussion, navigate down to see Comment Blacklist option.

How Wordpress Comment Blacklist works

Wordpress Comment Blacklist does not only block Ip Addresses but as well blocks names, URL, email and when a comment contains any of your blacklisted words, name, URL, email, or IP address in its content then it will be put in the trash.

Finally, if you still need more help on how to deal with spammers in your Wordpress blog then feel free to join the conversation


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