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Posted by: E-Collins
« on: April 19, 2018, 02:18:50 PM »

If you have been using Whatsapp on your phone then this post is for you because I will be teaching you few tricks you don't know about WhatsApp

More than 80% mobile phone users installed Whatsapp on their phones and while some will not even consider buying any mobile phone that doesn't support Whatsapp making it one of the most used mobile social app in the world because of its unique features and usability.

Before we proceed you might as well be interested in checkout Whatsapp Tricks You Need To Know which was first published in 2016 but presently I have another 4 New Whatsapp Tricks you need to know.


I wouldn't like to waste your time but I guess you might be interested to know what this 5 Whatsapp trick is all about so am going to show you.

⇒ How to hide WhatsApp Folder from your Phone Gallery
⇒ How to hide New Whatsapp Messages from Popping up on your smartphone Screen
⇒ Best way to listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages without anyone hearing it
⇒ Read a Message Without Turning off the Blue Tick

Now you know what this post is all about and if you are interested to know more about these 5 Whatsapp tricks then keep reading till the end but if you are not interested or already know all these tricks then check out other posts.

1. How to hide WhatsApp Folder from your Phone Gallery

It doesn't matter what you do or who you communicated with using WhatsApp but I am sure there are certain images and videos you shared or that was sent to you that you wouldn't want others to see but the good news is that you can hide your Whatsapp images and videos to prevent others from seeing it.

To take care of this simply navigate to your file manager/mobile storage/WhatsApp/media you will see something like WhatsApp images and WhatsApp video.

Simply add a dot (.) in the prefix for both of these folders and you’re done. To put into simple words, rename the file name and add a dot right at the beginning of the name.


Change mobile storage/Whatsapp/media/Whatsapp images to mobile storage/Whatsapp/media/.Whatsapp images

The difference is the dot (.) before Whatsapp images, do the same for Whatsapp videos if you want to hide videos as well.

2. How to hide New Whatsapp Messages from Popping up on your smartphone Screen

Whatsapp offers many cool features which include new message popup notification that notifies and shows the message someone sent to you when you are not presently using WhatsApp with the intention to keep you closer to your family, friends and your business clients at all time but what if someone is holding your phone when a private message that you wouldn't allow anyone to see pops up?

Don't worry there is a way to prevent new message popup in Whatsapp to protect your personal conversion with someone being seen by anyone else.

To take care of the notifications of new WhatsApp messages all you need to do is to change your phone settings.

Goto phone settings, then navigate to notifications, click option of ‘no pop-up’ for pop-up notifications for both individual and group chats.

This will prevent others from seeing your new message from WhatsApp popping up on your screen, though the popup message might appear but will not be visible to anyone and you don't need to worry if someone is seating next to you or not.

3. Best way to listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages without anyone hearing it

One of the best features I like most is the Whatsapp voice message that enables you to communicate using your real voice and not just text messages but listening to those messages while someone is around might be a problem since you wouldn't want everyone to hear your secret conversation with someone because the voice messages are always in loudspeaker.

There's a solution to this problem that will help you listen to your WhatsApp voice messages without anyone hearing it, while you’re listening to the voice message, bring the phone closer to your ear, just like you normally do when you pick up a phone call and it will automatically activate proximity sensor on your phone and force the voice message play through your earpiece and not the headphones.

4. Read a Message Without Turning off the Blue Tick

The Blue color tick indicate when someone has seen your WhatsApp message and on the other hand indicate that you have seen the message sent by someone.

You might wish to stay invisible by turning off this Blue color tick so that no one will know when you have read their messages or not but the only problem turning off the blue tick option which is popularly known as the ‘read receipts' feature is that none of the parties (You or people you chat with) can get to know if the message has been read or not.

Instead of turning off the blue tick feature simply follow these methods below.

When you receive message on Whatsapp don't open it yet, just switch off your phone Wi-Fi or mobile data which means you are going offline and once you are finally offline then open your Whatsapp messages and by doing so, you can read the message without letting the other person find out if you’ve read their message or not.

Hope you have learned something useful but if you still need more help simply reply to this post and I will respond as quick as possible.