Learn to Trade Consistently for Profit


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Learn to Trade Consistently for Profit
Posted on: April 20, 2018, 09:40:58 AM

I was given the wrong orientation before I started trading crypto currencies. “Just buy and when the price goes up, you sell. If it goes down you hold until it rises,” I was told. So I did just that. The result? After two months, I lost 60% of my capital. And for months, I traded consistently for loss. I got fed up and stopped trading. That was when I embarked upon study.
For months I did nothing else but study blockchain, crypto currencies, technical analysis, trading strategies, trading psychology and other things related to them. The result? Proficiency. I spent quite a lot to be good at trading. Now I trade and train people one-on-one on how to trade starting from the basics.
Do you wish to trade crypto currencies but do not know where to start? I will take you through the confusing terrain from start to finish so that you can trade consistently for profit.
Among other things, I will teach you about:
a. Blockchain and crypto currencies so that you have a good understanding of them
b. The exchanges to buy and sell crypto currencies
c. How to trade crypto currencies
d. Trading strategies for profit
e. Fundamental analysis to know which coins are worth your money for investment
f. Technical analysis to know how to read charts. I guess you have seen market charts in movies with a lot of lines which seem confusing. At the end of this training, you will understand that confusing chart. Yes, you will.
g. Other helpful hints that will help you become a good trader.
The result is you becoming good at trading. At the end of the training, your objective will be achieved.

How is the training done?
A lot of trainers are just after the money. So they do not mind whether you are grounded or not. My objective is to give you value for your time and money. The training is done in two ways: one-one-one meeting (for those in Lagos) and online video conferencing (for anyone outside Lagos). For one-on-one meeting, I come to meet you at your place of convenience. For online video conferencing, we use the internet where you can see me and what I do on the computer screen.

How much is the training?
The training will consist of several classes that can take up to three hours each. At most, it will take ten classes. For each of the class, you pay N3,000 (three thousand naira). This gives you advantage. If after paying N3,000 and I train you the first day you are not satisfied, you may stop and all you lose is N3,000. But I am good at what I do and I am confident that you would pay for the second class. So I am not asking you to pay N50,000 or N40,000 to me at once after which I disappear.
I made costly mistakes when I started trading and that resulted in loss of funds. Learn from my mistakes, knowledge, and experience. If you want to trade, make the investment to learn what you should before you start. Otherwise, do not trade. Trust me, I know what I am saying.

What are required?
You should have a laptop and internet connection

How can you reach me?
Call me: 08034140381.