Solutions To Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Exynos Battery Draining Problem


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Users of galaxy s9/S9+ have complained of acute battery draining. This is coming not long after the same device was reported by users of recurring cases of call failure.

When smartphones are said to drain battery, it connotes to a situation whereby your phone's battery life is draining faster than expected and not in consonance with factory specifications.

Specifically, the s9/s9+ Exynos variant is draining the battery faster than its Snapdragon counterpart. The culprit behind this has been found to be it's Exynos processor.

This doesn't rule out the fact that many factors affect the battery endurance of any phone. In most cases, it has to do with the consumers’ usage.  Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus has two variants. The US variant which is the Snapdragon model  and the global Exynos variant. The company might release a fix but of recent Samsung isn’t admitting there is a problem due to PR measures.

Many have recommended that the only solution, for now, is for you to tweak the phone in other to get more battery life from it.  

The causes of battery drain on galaxy s9 and s9+

There are a lot of reasons why your Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus can be draining fast. Not every user experiencing this problem is experiencing same due to factory faults. The reason for the bad battery life experience may be any of the following:

Users activities and usage: You may be the cause of your battery life problem. If you increase your screen brightness up to the maximum, or you increase your screen timeout, or you play music through your phone’s speakers at the highest volume, you will notice a rapid drop in your battery.

Similarly, if you install a suspicious app from 3rd party sources or you give full permissions to data/battery/resourcs-hungry apps like facebook, you may have issues. If you game aggressively, or you stream the highest quality videos nonstop, then you're the culprit.

Fluctuating/Unstable network: If your LTE or 3G network is weak or unstable, it will have an impact on your battery. Also, if your WifI has low reception, your phone battery will suffer.

Temperature: If you are one who likes operating your phone inside the hot sun or you leave in a hot environment, you should expect a fast draining s9/s9+ device. The Android system and your Display (screen) are the major drainers of your s9/s9+ battery

Samsung galaxy s9/s9+ (Exynos) battery draining Solution

The s9/s9+ processor is having exponentially higher power consumption on a single core task that asks it to run at more than 2.3Ghz (maximum at 2.7Ghz single core speed).This is so considering the new CPU is 30% faster than the S8’s.

Another thing to note is that overheating and battery draining goes hand in hand. It is in fact almost impossible that your s9/s9+ is overheating and not draining your battery. You must prevent overheating of your s9/s9+ before you can successfully be reducing the speed at which your battery drains.

To minimize most of these conditions, do a manual factory reset of the phone. Make sure after the reset(preferably hard reset), you use your phone for a couple of hours before installing any application. If your phone’s battery is stable and consistent after the reset, then you should know that some applications you had installed were the cause.
After that install new applications one after the other and monitor your phone behaviour.

To protect you more, download and install some battery monitoring applications from google play store like System panel (Paid), BetterBatteryStats(paid) or Gsam battery monitor. These apps help monitor your battery’s health, your phone’s temperature and the apps that are consuming more CPU than usual.

If all doesn't work, the it's adviseable to wait for an update from Samsung. Goodluck!

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