Take African stories to the world with digital technology to MultiChoice chief tells media


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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Entertainment, MultiChoice Africa, Yolisa Phahle, has enjoined the media to take African stories to the world through the use of digital technology.

Speaking in Dubai at the 5th edition of Digital Dialogue conference organized by MultiChoice Africa, she said “change how people consume our products,” and “collective play an active role in making sure our continent benefits from this opportunity.”
Phahle said Africa should use the opportunity of digital technology to tell its story using the content.

She said: “In the midst of the ongoing digital revolution we collectively have the opportunity to not only tell stories that educate and inform African audiences.

With digital technology, said: “we are in a position to take African stories to the world, and create a global market for what we do and that by using the internet and leveraging technology, we have the ability to reach audiences at a global level and the success of companies like Iroko TV, artistes like Davido, actresses like Lupita Nyong’o and the movie Black Panther are confirmation that the world is ready to consume African stories, celebrate African culture and embrace Africa.”

The CEO said as the world looks to the future of news and media organizations, “the conversation is focused on three words: content, technology and customer, which we believe will continue to be essential for any news or media organization that wants to survive and grow in the future.”

Giving tip on survival, she said: “We have to find new ways of engaging more effectively with viewers when there are more choices than ever, more free content than ever and our customers are becoming more and more accustomed to receiving personalized content.”