What is MTN VTU Alias Number and how to use it



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What is MTN VTU Alias Number and how to use it
Posted on: May 03, 2018, 05:38:06 AM
MTN recently introduced what they called VTU Alias Number, a number that can replace and represent your original phone number when it comes to VTU airtime or data Topup.

According to MTN, customers can top-up airtime and data via VTU without giving out their phone numbers through VTU Alias number, a customer just needs to have an Alias number in place of his/her number for VTU top-up anytime.

This means that whenever you wish to buy airtime or data using VTU you simply use your VTU Alias Number in place of your phone number but the question remains how does it work and how to generate your VTU Alias Number but all your question regarding VTU Alias Number will surely be answered below.

The benefit of VTU Alias Number

VTU Alias Number helps to receive airtime, date via VTU from anyone without displaying your original phone number and most importantly VTU Alias Number cannot be reached via calls or text messages but only designed for VTU airtime and data recharge.

How VTU Alias works

⇒ To generate your personal VTU Alias Number simply dial *323# to generate VTU Alias Number.
⇒ VTU Alias number is generated once. There is no need to generate number upon every VTU top request.
⇒ Alias number is an 11 digit code not reachable by call or SMS
⇒ Can be used for all VTU platforms (ATMs, Quick teller, Paga etc.)
⇒ It is a permanent number in place of customer’s phone number

How to retrieve VTU Alias?

To retrieve your VTU Alias simply dial *323#, Select “View” from options displayed to retrieve Alias Number.

Steps to get your VTU Alias Number

Dial *323#
Then select 1 to create an Alias
You would receive a confirmation SMS with your Alias number created.

Questions and Answers about VTU Alias Number

If you have questions regarding the new MTN VTU Alias number then you might need to take a look at this Frequently Asked Questions provided by MTN.

What is VTU ALIAS Top –Up number?

VTU Alias number enables customers top-up Airtime, data and other via VTU without giving out their phone numbers!
The customer gives his/her ALIAS Number in-place of his/her number to any one that wants to recharge his/her phone.

How do I get/generate my Alias Number?

MTN subscriber will dial *323# to generate an 11 digit Alias Number.
Alias number is generated once, customer does not need to generate number upon every VTU top request.

Why is the Alias number 11 digit long and not 4 or 3 digits?

MTN has a  big subscriber base of over 60 million and an 11 digit will  generate enough unique numbers for all the subscribers that need Alias numbers

Can I save my ALIAS number on my Phone address book?

Yes, you can save your ALIAS number on your phone book
Save the Alias number on your phone contact as MTN ALIAS 323

Why do I have to use MTN and 323 to save my ALIAS number?

Because some people have more than one sim card in their phones
Also, 323 is the MTN USSD shortcode and it will be easy for you to remember

Do I have to generate the number every time I want to Top Up with VTU?

No, it is a Permanent number Per MSISDN/Customer.

Where and how can I use the Alias number to recharge my phone or other people’s phone?

It can be used on all VTU platforms- ATMs, Quickteller, PAGA, PayArena, and other forms of VTU vendor Recharges, 3rd party recharges via USSD shot codes like 737, etc.

If I forget my Alias Number How do I retrieve?

You simply dial *323#, Select “View” from options displayed to retrieve Alias Number.


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