Nigeria Exported Goods to Argentina were worth $463 Million in 2017


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Nigeria Exported Goods to Argentina were worth $463 Million in 2017 as stated by the Minister Plenipotentiary Head of Mission Embassy of Argentina, Elena Mikusinski.

This was announced in Abuja during the launch of a new edition of Malbec World Day Wines Exposition organized and coordinated by the Embassy of Argentina in Nigeria.

Also,  Elena stated that Argentina‚Äôs export to Nigeria was worth $86 million and that the country is aiming at increasing its presence in Nigeria, especially in the area of wine production.

Again, She said that creating jobs opportunities for young Nigerians will be available through the production of wine.

Mrs. Mikusinski said that Malbec grape variety is usually associated with Argentina wines since it is the most grown stock in the country, Argentina is the fifth world wine producer and one of the main wine exporting countries in the world.

Furthermore, She added that Malbec wine is the most important wine producing region in the country with over 80% of Malbec wines and this would create jobs opportunities in Nigeria. She also said that They were also working with a lot with Nigerian Farmers to see how we can boost bilateral relations in both countries while acknowledging the challenges of youth restiveness and unemployment.

She pointed at the need for stakeholders to confront the challenge with innovative thinking, using Argentina wines.

The celebration commemorates the day that Argentina's President, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, asked agronomist, Michel Aime Pouget was also known as Miguel Pouget, to bring new varieties to Argentina, among them the Malbec was found.