Original Samsu Oil now available in Nigeria & Ghana [+ Important facts]


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Samsu oil is becoming either unavailable or extremely expensive. This effect acknowledge the saying that you don’t know the real value of a product until it becomes unavailable.

This saying is true of samsu oil.

The reasons for this being that many counterfeits oil sprung up and became very popular. As you would expect, one can easily obtain a fake product at a cheaper price in most cases.

Also, the proliferation of the fake ones resulted in a loss on the part of the major suppliers of samsu oil

Samsu oil: What is it? What does it do?

Not many can doubt that sex or love making is a key instument in life. Original samsu oil is a sex enhancement product that helps in prolonging ejaculation.

Men do most likely have a quick ejaculation during the “first round” of sexual intercourse which is considered normal. Also, some diets can cause quick ejaculation.

Quick ejaculation is normal when you have it after abstaining from it for a long time. But quick ejaculation is never normal when you ejaculate when a lady touches you.

Also if you always ejaculate fast during lovemaking, it abnormal.

While quick ejaculation during sexual intercourse is not a serious medical condition on its own, it can lead to some problems. You may be suffering from quick ejaculation, if, Ejaculation occurs with minimal sexual stimulation before or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it.

 Not many women would like any man who comes quick during love-making and this is where Original samsu oil is needed.

Samsu oil is made of natural ingredients(having Indonesia as its origin) to combat erectile dysfunction as it applies to “Quick ejaculation”.

Original samsu Oil prolong your ejaculation and let you last longer or as much as you want in bed with your woman.

Samsu oil - How to use?

Sticking to the right dosage of any medicine makes it efficient. If you don’t use samsu oil the way it should be used, you will not get the desired results.

Most of the ways samsu oil can be used can be found by doing a simle web search yourself.

Side-effects of Samsu oil

One of the features of a good drug/medicine is that you will use it and you will hardly notice any effects. Original samsu oil has transient side effects.

It's been reported that the only time you may notice anything bothering using it is if you over-apply it. When used normally, you have tolerable sensation.

However samsu oil has its range and limits. It is not a 'jack-of-all-trade' Product for all erectile dysfunction. Know the limits of the product by doing a web search.

Original Samsu oil availability - Now in Ghana and Nigeria

The Samsu oil  is now available via different channels. Do a web search for it's availability if you really need the drug.

Original Samsu oil - How to avoid buying the fake

Don't fall into the hands of scammers by analysing where you buy your samsu oil. If you desire to buy from online stores like jumia, get a first impression that most of the samsu oil sold there are fake.


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