UNIBEN Faculty of Arts Students Were asked to define "Shaku Shaku" in an Examination


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The University Of Benin, UNIBEN; Faculty of Arts gave their students examination asking them about Olamide's trending song "Science Students" and dance "Shaku Shaku". It is normal for a lecturer to set whatever questions they feel like setting in an Examination.

The screen shot above is the exam questions paper  for the 200 Level students of  department of English and Literature in University of Benin shared online by a UNIBEN student.

The questions says "Explain "Shaku Shaku," science students, and "I like your waist in particular" as products of a society that is highly influenced by popular culture and dance."
The question carries 10 marks, the student who shared the screen shot says there were more weird questions in the exam apart from the one mentioned.
Even me sef no go fit answer am, Them no teach us na!!! which one be explain "Shaku Shaku" and "I like your waist in particular"??

People pay less attention to the meaning of the dance but pay more attention in learning the dance. Judging based on how you dance " Shaku Shaku", I think everyone can try to define if they can dance it.