How to solve DSTV faulty decoder smartcard E04-4, E05 and E06-4 errors by yourself


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With this guide, you will be able to fix DStv faulty smartcard errors such as “ E04-4(Please insert the Smartcard), E05 and E06-4(The Smartcard is either faulty or has been inserted upside down. If it is faulty, please take it to the nearest…..Agent)".

Many Pay-TV subscribers are gradually introducing cardless decoders because of the risk the smartcard is subjected to.

The Smartcard works like your sim card, it is subject to damage from abuse or mishandling. A Smartcard is said to be faulty when the decoder to which it has been paired with fails to recognize the Smartcard.

These problems are noticeable as your decoder starts displaying error codes on your television screen. Multichoice decoders display errors and the accompanying message such as: “ E04-4(Please insert the Smartcard) and E06-4(The Smartcard is either faulty or has been inserted upside down. If it is faulty, please take it to the nearest…..Agent).

How to solve the DStv installation wizard and booting errors!

What causes a decoder smartcard error?

◆ Wears due to constant removal can cause Smartcard problems.
◆ Not placing your decoder on level ground or piece of furniture. ( Some do keep their slanty. Make sure it is securely positioned.
◆ Shaking a decoder while it is on and working. Avoid shaking or moving around your decoder while it is on with its smart card inserted. If you do, you will most likely have a Smartcard error.
◆ Not cleaning your decoder and its environment as frequent as possible. Dust does cause a faulty Smartcard. Avoid removing your Smartcard from your decoder for whatever reasons. Your decoder is not water-resistant.

Avoid moisture from accumulating inside your device. Avoid placing your smartcard where you have flames or very hot temperatures.

How to fix DSTV faulty smartcard errors codes without visiting any DStv office

The two major smartcard errors, the “ E04-4" error and the “E06-4" can be solved by following these tips: 

◆ Firstly, make sure you have inserted the card correctly. To determine this, remove the card and insert it ensuring the chip is facing downwards.
◆ Simply remove and re-insert it and make sure you lock it in properly.
◆ Use a soft clean and dry cloth to clean the golden chip on the Smartcard.
◆ If it still refuses to work, blow air into the slot.
◆ Then, slightly bend the card outward towards the chip.

If the above tip fails to solve the issue, then you need to do a hard reboot of the decoder. To do this, remove every accessory attached to the decoder including the LNB cable, HDMI cable and AUX.

 Lastly, remove the power cord and wait for about five minutes. Return every to position apart from the LNB cable, once the decoder has boot fully, plugin in the LNB/ coaxial cable and see what appears. You should see an I07-4 error this time around. This very message is telling you to hold while the system repairs your Smartcard. It should only last for one minute.   

If the above doesn't work, then you should try the procedure common only to Nigerians used when any of our sim cards begin wear:

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◆ Get a transparent tape plus a paper or get a paper tape without a paper.
◆ Remove the Smartcard, then apply two layers of the paper tape at the back of the card.
◆ Ensure you only apply at the portion that falls behind the Smartcard chip. Do not apply this to the entire Smartcard. Also, make sure that no part the tap extent to the other side of the Smartcard.

If you are using transparent tape and a sheet of paper, use a light writing paper. Make sure you fold it once, then fasten it to the back of the Smartcard with the help of the transparent tape.
◆ Clean your Smartcard once again and insert it.  Your decoder should be responding now. 

If the above procedures don't work, then it seems it is time to take it to a DStv authorized dealer for a swap or replacements.
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Chiseya Enock

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Smartcard and decoder pairing. Smartcard number; 4291068619, decoder serial number; 107251182


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Smart card error e04-4

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How solve error E04-4

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Please I subscribe to my dstv since yesterday evening I can't watch it

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My DStv has a problem it says smartcard error E04-4, Please help me my Account 9809275558083


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Very practical steps. Mine worked. Thanks very much.

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Thanks alot. I followed the instructions and I was able to clear the error

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My Dstv couldn't scanned. Pls how do i fix the error?


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How can i solve DSTV faulty decoder smartcard eweeors EO4-4


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My decoder it keep saying error 04_4


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My recorder has errors ????????

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Error04-4 since yesterday

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