How to Limit Devices Connected to Your WiFi Hotspost Router


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How to Limit Devices Connected to Your WiFi Hotspost Router is an easy task which you'll learn the best way to limit devices connected to your WiFi hotspot router to save data or whatever reason you have. Hostspot, let's just say its the the stuff we connect to.

Limiting Devices Connected to Your WiFi Hotspot router is good if I am to be asked. if you want to prevent high Data Usage, and protect your Internet from unauthorize personnel using it.
Right now, do you know what I am thinking??
I think If your WiFi hotspot is locked, I see no reason to limit devices connected to it because you'll assumed that those connected to your WiFi hotspot are known to you. That is, you must have given them your password in one way or the other.
How to limit Devices connected to Your WiFi Hotspot Router
Follow this step gradually. I advice you bookmark this Page in order to read this tutorial while performing it.
1. Firstly, open your browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer) and type your router’s IP address into the address bar in your browser. (The address would be if this address does not work, kindly check your router’s instruction book.
2. Now, i believe the router's IP Address should be in the address bar of your browser now. Click go or enter.
3. You will be asked for your username and password to access your router’s settings, insert it and click access restrictions option in router’s settings.
4. Click on the Enable restriction option there.
5. Now enter MAC (Media Access Control) address the s (which you want to authorize to access your internet connection). you can can connect your phone to your router's Hotspot and go to connected devices in router’s settings to know their MAC address.
5. Click On Apply or Save Option.
We are done with How to Limit Devices Connected to Your WiFi Hotspot on your Router.
Now only those devices MAC addresses you entered will be allowed to connect to your WiFi.
How to Set Time in Which these devices will be allowed to access your Internet
1. click on schedule button to limit these device’s ability to internet using time.
3. Furthermore, enter details such as days or time in which you want to allow these devices to access your internet.
4. Click on Apply or Save option to
successfully apply these settings.
Now that's “How to Limit Devices Connected to WiFi Hotspot”.


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