Ashaiman Landlords Demand s*x As Rent from Female Tenants In Ghana


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Ashaiman Landlords Demand Sex As Rent from Female Tenants In Ghana
- Some landlords in the Ashaiman municipality in Ghana are reported to be taking rent in the form of sex from female tenants.
- A landlord caught his wife having sexual intercourse with a tenant leading to his ejection as disclosed by the report

It is know that some landlords in Ashaiman in the Greater Accra region, Ghana have been demanding sex as rent from their female tenants.
This report was published by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre.
The annual 2017 report of the ADR, Ashaiman Centre, said:
“In some cases, landlords exchange rent with sex for a period.”

The report shows that some caretakers took advantage of female prospective tenants and demand for sex even though they were not the owners of the houses.
Referring to one of the situations observed during the report, the ADR said one caretaker took advantage of a landlord’s absence to rent out an apartment to a lady for two years.
The report said that the caretaker used his position to coerce the lady into an affair and verbally extended her rent for two extra years.
The caretaker continued to have an affair with the female tenant even though she was pregnant with another man's child.
According to the ADR, the caretaker ordered the lady to vacate the room after she broke up with him but she refused because they had a two-year verbal tenancy agreement.
Unfortunately, the real landlord demanded his property from the caretaker. The ADR mediators made sure the caretaker compensate the lady whom he had an affair with.
Not relating to this incident, the report also mentioned a case in which a landlord caught his wife having sexual intercourse with a tenant leading to his ejection.
The report indicated that there was a total of 825 rent cases as recorded in 2017, which was a slight improvement from the number recorded the previous year.
The ADR Centre said that the causes leading to this case was as a result of financial constraint, high increment on rent, failure to pay rent on time primarily as a result of job losses, keeping pets and entertaining contrary to their tenancy agreements among others.