What Are The Challenges Facing Education In Nigeria?


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What Are The Challenges Facing Education In Nigeria?
Posted on: June 10, 2018, 11:47:22 PM
The right to education is one of the basic human right, with many countries making it compulsory and free. This goes to show how Education is highly placed in these part of the world.

Education is arguably the most significant attribute a purposeful nation has. It is outlined that a child must has a compulsory basic education by the United Nations, this they say is a privilege every born child must get.

Keying into this target, countries make Education free and to any level (as far as the previleged gets what it takes to go on). Some Nations make these Education to their Nationals cheap.

How is the Educational system in Nigeria? What is the standard of Education in this country?

The level of education in Nigeria is low, with many factors for this. No ordinary Nigerian can say that the quality of Education received anywhere in the country is world class. If it is this bad, what are the factors responsible for this?   

Factors affecting Education In Nigeria

The following are what hinders the growth of Education in Nigeria:

 Corruption, Fraud And Indiscipline

Aside Football Corruption is king in Nigeria, it is an African in-born defect. This virus has not only crept from other aspect of the Nation to the academic sector but has consistently suceeded in making it it's home. When something bad calls a place home, then it's really it's home and would demand much sacrifice to make a shift.

The rate in which this vice is developing is intense especially in key academic environs where there is much smell of currency. This starts from an indisciplined clerk to the highest official in the education sector in Nigeria.   

Poor Standard Of Living And Bad Governance

It is important if not sad to note that Nigeria is one of the poorest nation of the world. Where a country cannot sustain it's citizen to a three square meal a day, how can it then take good care of it's educational needs.

Nigerians are one of the hard-working yet one of the poorest people globally. Most of the money parents make in a day goes down the 'stomach way' in order to breathe each coming day. If Nigerians are so poor, how then will the Educational system be?

Religion an Politics in Education

Many would say the worst thing that ever happened to Nigeria was when the southern and Northern protectorate were joined together to form a Nation. The northerners were greatly muslims while christianity got hold of the south.

Many years after being together, educaton in Nigeria still struggles with which religion should be taught in school and which should not.

The influence of politics in academics is immense. Almost every important posts in government handled academic grounds are politicized. This makes way for poor leaders with little or no skill to handle the mantle of Education in Nigeria. And the result being what we see everyday in the country.

Low Admission Capacity Into Tertiary Institutions

The aggregate population of Nigeria as at 1960 was around 45.2 million but as at 2015, Nigeria's populace was assessed to be 182.2 million, this is a major issue for the nation as the educational sector hasn't really possessed the capacity to accomodate the rising populace.

JAMB statistics in 2015 had it that just 415,500 out of 1,428,379 candidates got admission into tertiary institutions. The amount of credible intellects who are blocked from gaining admission by JAMB is huge. This being to the capacity key institutions have. 

Lack Of Quality Teachers

Teacher in Nigerian educational sector are not always given successive training. Some teachers teach because there is no oppurtunity elsewhere orther than to do what they see at the present. They were trained for other jobs and are most atimes unconcerned with teaching.   

Those were the challenges to Education in Nigeria and that is definitely not all. Nigeria's educational problem seems to count to infinity, and you can list most of them. There are certainly those few challenges that do affect education in your region, remember a problem spoken is half solved. A problem shared is a problem solved!

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