The Prices You Have To Pay To Attain Success In Life


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The Prices You Have To Pay To Attain Success In Life
Posted on: June 15, 2018, 08:21:11 AM
Nothing comes without a price being paid for it, even the holiest of things. Being a first class graduate comes with a cost. Going to heaven also has a price to be paid for to attain it.

In this world, there are prices one has to pay for every level one attain in life.  Even the simplest of achievement comes with a cost. These costs ranges from hard work, failures,long suffering, dejection, bankruptcy,depression ......

Envisioning the perils that comes with success, you may want to opt for a reverse of it but success is never an option. You aim for failure and still pay price for it, and that is reality.

Not many would say they are aspiring to fail. Infact we often see those on the streets selling and doing menial jobs as failures. Thanks to old policy makers at the top, you might often see a first class student doing jobs by the streetside. Are they failures? Was it their aim to be on the street?

Various worshipper might say it's not fair that some suffer by the street while others seem to enjoy this world. It's not fair but it's just what was meant to be. The thing is, we will pay for our actions afterlife and would be judged by what we use our resources to do - whether poor or rich.

Being in heaven is a success for christians, let me shock those who are rich and aspire to land in heaven. If you are rich and envision going to heaven, you have to strip off your riches. When Jesus said that a rich man going to heaven is as hard as trying to pass a bull's head through the hole of a needle.

This doesn't make sense for many but certainly a bull's head going through an needle's hole is impossible. Therefore a rich man attaining heaven is definitely impossible. Day in and out Christians really don't put much importance the what heaven really is. They see it as an end point of ALL christians, it's definitely not so.

To be sincere it may be only 0.000001% of Nigerians since 1960 that may attain there, it's a golden race that comes with a cost.

A rich man stripping his wealth means that he/she has to sacrifice almost all of his wealth for services of God's kingdom( like helping the sick,poor...). In addition to this, he has to sacrifice all of his/her existence to the work of God. That makes him ordinary, and these are the true aspirers of heaven.

One thing most people don't know is that in life, it is necessary to sacrifice your skills and knowledge. Living on earth truly comes with a price. Don't you think you are cheating the future generations by not making a meaningful impact on earth with your skills and knowledge.

Take for instance, do you think downturn in Nigeria started out of nothing. It started when somewhere in Nigeria, someone in one corner refuses to impact his knowledge on what is good. It may be decision making or someone in the graveyard haven refused to utilize his/her endowed skill.

God created everybody with special unique capabilities, and all of it was meant to be used for success.  

Many seek success, but few are willing to make the necessary investment in order to secure it. Are you one who want pay for it? The following steps can help you overcome the price of success easily:

Chart your course and make a list

Write down every step that is required by you to complete your target. The more detailed and focused, the more accurate in preparation  

Make deadlines

Have deadlines for today, for this week, for this month, for 90 days time, 6 months’ time and even 12 months’ time.

The deadlines that are written down create a pressure in you, that when applied to your life surge creativity in you.

Never forget these:

₹ Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can
₹ Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities.
₹ Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.
₹ Keep your face towards sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.
₹ Humble yourself before the Creator and he will lift you up(James 4:10).

We do vision dreams, make out goals and set out to achieve them, because we want to shine like stars on earth. We feel excited by our imaginations, but never forget that there will be dark days ahead.

There will be days we will feel lost, that is when hope is needed most. Keep it alive, because we have to be greater than what we suffer.


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Re: The Prices You Have To Pay To Attain Success In Life
#1 Posted on: June 25, 2018, 05:07:52 AM
Nice one