Queencee VPN V9 Latest Airtel Free Internet Settings And Download


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If you are one looking for a proven way to browse the internet for free, then you certainly should have a try here.

Nigeria has a mammoth number of internet users but inconveniencies which are mainly epileptic power supply and lack of internet data hinder active internet use. Both problems are still lingering but occassional free data hacks are always ignited.

These techies are living up to quote that when there is a will, there is a way!

This QueenCee VPN unlike others tunnels your whole device, so you can use whatsapp, Facebook and other background application. The thumps down to this app is that it's only for Android devices.

Queencee VPN Handler 2018,Airtel free browsing using Queencee vpn, What are the settings for Queencee VPN 2018? Queencee VPN handler apn settings

Airtel Free Internet For Android Users Using QueenCee VPN handler Settings

The following methods should activate easily your handler  

◆ Method 1◆
1. Your device's default apn should be airtelgprs.com.
2. Download and install QueenCee VPN for android (The link to download this would be outlined as you read down)
3. Enable your mobile data (airtel) and open the QueenCee VPN apk
4. On the handler menu, make the following changes:

₹ Tick on ‘remove port column’
₹ set Proxy type as ‘ Real Host’
₹ Enter custom header X-Online-Host
₹ Enter any of the following on Proxy server:


₹ Set Real proxy type as ‘default’
₹ Enter any of the following address on real proxy server

₹ Enter real proxy port: 80 or 8080

5. Now tap on save button. then connect.  If you have a successful connection, then you are ready to browse free with zero(0) naira airtime on sim.    

◆ Method 2 ◆

1. Still using airtelgprs.com as the default apn, open QueenCee VPN application
2. On the handler menu do the following changes:
₹ Give add port to non-port url : 1080
₹ Tick on ‘remove port’ column
₹ set proxy type as ‘ Host’
₹ Enter custom header X-Online-Host
₹ enter proxy server any of from below list


₹ Set Real proxy type – Default/Inject/ socks
₹ Enter real proxy server OR 127.8.81

3. Tap the save button, then connect. You should be connected within 3 minutes. After successful connection, you can start browsing and downloading for free.  

◆ Method 3 ◆

1. Use default apn
2. Check remove option
3. check proxy type : real host
4. proxy server : choose one below


5. Real proxy type : default
6. Real proxy server : choose one below

7.real proxy port : 80/8080
8. Save your settings and connect  

Queencee VPN handle download

Download the queencee VPN handler at | https://www.datafilehost.com/d/8c6f6ebc

Trouble shooting Queencee VPN handler

1. Go to settings and choose apps.
2. Locate queencee vpn, then hit clear data.
3. Relaunch queencee vpn and input the correct handler settings for the sim in use, then hit save
4. Turn data connection on
5. As soon as you click save, a choice between browser only and tunnel whole device will appear, click tunnel whole device    

This trick is limited,because it is based on free hosts. It's better to enjoy it while it lasts. Note that each host has a limit of 250 MB per day.

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