Where And How To Advertise Online Free In Nigeria


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Where And How To Advertise Online Free In Nigeria
Posted on: June 19, 2018, 10:48:35 PM
Gone are the days where billboards on the streets makes mch impact. The generation of human creatures doesn't anymore crave for these mediums as of old, and this renders the use of these mediums to expose a particular interest unsatisfactory if not irrelevant.

Different churches which are in plenty in Nigeria do post bills in the streets, and in order to get a little bit of attention do concentrate a particular type of bill on a wall. These efforts often even go unrecognized, and by the way who cares to read details on the street?

Radio is a good alternative to bill boards on the streets as audience is attentive. However, Nigerian youths which i believe are not 'lazy' wouldn't love to spend much of their efficious time listening to the radio. This renders radio advertisement on it's own unsatisfactory.

What of advertising through the television? Newspapers & Magazines?  There are efficient (perhaps in some other country) but not so in Nigeria. Does every one possess a television? Are everyone capable to read newspapers?

Online exposure of interest is now the norm of the day, as the number of internet users is on a geometric rise. Targeting audiences online is less stressful and less expensive than those done ofline afterall.

How can i advertise services online in Nigeria? What are the rates of online advertisements in Nigeria? What are the procedures for online advertisement in Nigeria? - These are few question many individuals and organization ask or yearn to ask concerning online advertisement.  

People tend to be with their phones and laptops most of their times. They spend their spare periods attentively online, reading latest news and hacks. Therefore, if there is one thing an advertiser needs - it is attentiveness. This makes online advertisement the king among other kinds of advertisement.

Advantages of Online Advertisement include but not limited to:

₹ Global reach: Anyone anywhere in the world can access your advert online as far as he/she accesses the same online medium your added your adverts to. The limit of your adverts reach is global.

₹ Accessibility: Requisites behind a person being online is easily accessible. The most basic one being a mobile phone is cheap and possessed by majority of the world's populace. This makes anything online open to more interests that would have been considered normal.

Where To Advertise Online In Nigeria

1. Xtremeloaded Forum: Consistent since 2012, the forum provides general guide to information seekers in Nigeria. It's rich purposeful audience can be targeted by contacting it's Admin through an email - Admin@xtremeloaded.com

2. Facebook: Facebook is a community of friends and one can take such oppurtunity to get his services known. It is a good means of reaching out to the general public.

3. Twitter: This is just like facebook. You just have to send some interesting tweets then your services goes viral!

4. Nairaland forum: This popular discussion forum has over a million members . It is a great medium to target your audience

5. OLX: This free classifieds website in Nigeria allows you to advertise products and services for free. It is quite popular with small business people and buyers.

6. VConnect VConnect is Nigeria’s leading online business directory and has thousands of businesses listed. It also has a great search engine that is very popular.  

Factors to consider when advertising online

1. The Website's traffic: Preference is alway given to websites with high number of people that visits the website a day by prospective advertisers. When advertizing online, it is better to choose a website with a reasonable number of traffic.

2. The resources present: You don't plan to advertise on the best trafficked portal without weighing the monetary resources you are with. The range and reach of your online advertisement depends on how much you spend on it.

3. Audience: If the product you are advertising is about electronics, placing an advert on an educational website where students visit won’t do any good. Placing ads depending on your audience yields more value for money.  

4. Skill; The skill you insert in advertising your product makes the neccessary difference between others by rivals. Capturing adverts is an evidence of skilled advertisers!


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