Is the phrase, 'Hard as Hell" or "Hard as Hail" - the right one of the two


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The phrase "hard as hail" is not a common expression. The more common saying is "hard as hell," which means something is extremely difficult or challenging.

These two phrases has been opened to debates online about which one is correct of the two. To obtain a distinct answer to this, it is neccessary to analyse these phrases separately.

One could easily pick out the two distinct word differentiatint these phrase from being alike: 'Hell' and 'Hail'.

What is Hail?

Hail are small ice stones that do fall during rain sometimes. This phenomenom rarely happens but has high probability of occuring after a long break from rain. It's like a stone, but are actually hard ice balls.

What is Hell?

This is no new word to christians here in Nigeria. Hell is believed to be the place where demons live and people are punished after death for their bad deeds.

Which one is the correct phrase?

I would like to open the various concepts to readers to determine which is the right one. 

'Hard as hell' grammatically wrong

If you are one used to english, it should be very easy for you to detect that 'As hard as hail' is preferable given the meaning of hail above. 'As hard as hell' seems wrong here as hell isn't anywhere hard.

'Hard as hell' preferably idiomatically

'Hard as hell' may be seen as an Idiom. Now, it won't make any sense as hail is hard, idiomatically.  It's Hard as Hell is logical - Hell is believed to be the toughest place where one is punished after death. These are sufferings!

'As Hard As Hell' is an all-purpose intensifier

“As hell” is an intensifier used after adjectives and adverbs. It just like “as fuck,” serves that purpose and shouldn't neccessary be true. It can be used with lots of different words, not just “hard.”

There is also a milder form, “as heck ,”

The answer is left for readers to decide using the detailed explanation above.
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