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Are you ready to invest your money in a nonexistent yet paying enterprise? Are you willing to lay part of your earnings at risk anticipating a profit after 30 days.

Many ponzi schemes do pop up periodically often going after a short existence.

What are ponzi schemes?  It is simply a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is enliven by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

In the situation ponzi schemes have landed people into, it is pertinent to bluntly define and present Ponzi Scheme in a neutral view.

Nigeria is a country where money making options don't lack. When i mean money making options don't lack, i mean Nigerians have adapted to maneuvering tricky tactics to make ends needs. It can be rightly said that it's in Nigerian's DNA.

Ponzi schemes are on the increase and proportionally people are consequently getting richer. The few ponzi schemes that are listed below is a great money making option for money stakers.

Please Note!

The writer is nowhere affiliated with any of the  Ponzi Schemes listed below. It is a constant trend they may be working today but in another moment, it might stop working. The post is meant for informative purpose only.

₹ NGNFund: NGNFund is said to be the First Indigenous Crowdfunding Team-Work Based, Person to Person, Naira Donations Network-Business Platform.

According to the enterprise, it is designed to empower members start up various businesses in the country and Earn Naira From a Spare Amount of NGN2,000.

The company started on the 1st of January, 2018 and was officially launched on the 8th of January, 2018.

₹ 247Helpers –  With 247helpers, you as said get 100% of your PH when applying for GH. The options start from N10,000, N20,000, N50,000. It is reported that you will be matched to redeem pledge within 24 hours. 

₹ This is a new platform that promises 200% of your donation in 1 to 20 days. Their options include N10,000 N20,000 and N50,000.

If you donate N10,000 on the platform, you will be match with two people that will donate N10,000 each to you. It's a good try if they are honest with their words.

₹ Zigma - Zigma is a mutual aid platform that 90% in 30 days. It has two different plans; There are;

₹ 60% after 30 days (15 days locking period, you can start withdrawing after 15 days)
₹ 90% after 30 days (30 days locking period, you can’t withdraw until the 30th day)

As an end note, It's wise of a man to spend your spare money but at the same time it's better to know that you and you alone take the risk of investing in these deceptive enterprises.
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