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How to become Betking Agent and their Requirement


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How to become Betking Agent and their Requirement
Posted on: July 04, 2018, 11:02:46 AM
Do you want to be among the kingmakers, Join betking, become their agent and be rewarded with best commision structure, if that what you desire then this post will guide you and show you how to become Betking agent and their requirements.

Betking is now the moving train in Nigeria when it comes to sports betting and a new betting company set up to make you the king by offering gamblers the best competitive Odds and ease of use while betting on their favorite sports games.

I personally tried Betking to know how things work and I was impressed that they even paid out to me on Sunday being 1st of July 2018 unlike others that needs to keep you waiting until working days and every other thing works great just that you need to get used to their platform and master it to enjoy their uncomparable services not to mention their live chat designed to help you with any problem or questions you might have.


Nobody paid me to write about Betking but was impressed with their unbeatable high sports Odds and other great services they offer and to inform young Nigerians who are looking for a way to earn extra cash to take the opportunity of becoming their Agent because they have all it takes to challenge other betting companies soon.

Enough of the gist how can i become Betking Agent?

You must be eager to get a straight answer about the requirements for becoming Betking agent but I assure you that you will not just get an answer but a full detailed answer on how you can become Betking Agent and make some money, so don't be in a haste relax.

Before I forget I have written something that might interest you too BetKing in for Online and Offline shop Cashout System after reading it you will know why Betking is going to be the best sports betting company in Nigeria and beyond.

Back to business (How to become Betking Agent and their Requirement)

Becoming Betking agent requires next to nothing but there are few things you must know to be a successful agent and not just an agent which is as follows:

1. Shop in a busy area

You need a good sizable shop with space for a Minimum of 5 Cashiers in a strategic place where your betting shop will be seen by potential customers who might wish to patronize you and that is the first positive step you need to take before thinking of any other thing.

How much a shop will cost you solely depends on your location and position of the shop, better position in a popular areas means better opportunity to succeed.

2. Minimum of 3 Laptops

To get started you need at least 3 good Laptops that will be used to set up the betting shop for you followed by 2 TV's set at least as required by Betking that will be used to set live and visual games for your customers.

There is no need telling you the price of TV sets or Laptops because there are many types, sizes and it's your responsibility to do the shopping yourself.

3. 2 Thermal Printers & An A4 Printer to print fixtures

A Thermal Printer will be used to print bet tickets [coupon] while an A4 Printer will be used to print fixtures that will be pasted on a notice board that will enable your customers to know which games to bet on and their fixed Odds.

4. Fast and Stable Internet

I have suggested you buy 3 Laptops at least but what about the internet connection?

You need a stable internet connection fast enough to please you and your customers, am sure you wouldn't like to keep your customers waiting because of poor network connection.

In this regards, you will need to buy a good universal 4G WIFI wireless modem that enables you to distribute data connection to all your Laptops and other gadgets that needs to be connected and I recommend universal modem so that you will not be restricted to one network but with universal 4G modem you can easily switch to any network that works best for you.

5. Power Generating set

In a country like Nigeria, you will surely need a good generator that can power at least 2 TV's, 3 Laptops with Desktop monitors, printers and probably a standing fan or ceiling fan etc.


Don't buy the popular small Tiger generator type because you will end up damaging all your electrical appliances so go for the portable Fireman, Sumec generators or any other type that don't mix fuel and oil together.

6. Spacing between Betking Agent and shops

Betking demand that there must be at least 10 Minutes walking distance between 2 Betking shops so take note of that while looking for a good shop for your sports betting. business

If you are sure that you are fully ready and that all these requirements have been met, Kindly go for online registration following this link

What to benefit becoming Betking Agent?

This question is the most important question you need to ask yourself before becoming Betking agent, after all, it will be wrong to spend lots of money without knowing what to gain but you are fully covered.

BetKing covers all major betting games in the world ranging from sports, virtual etc. The company was established in the Year 2017 and the brand name is ‘BetKing' while the company name remains “SV gaming Limited”.

Why BetKing? -benefit

In BetKing, you are assured of uncommon betting and administrative experience, tailored to excellent customer service experience with live betting fully activated.

Other benefits include:

⇒  Weekly and monthly bonus on turnover

⇒ Competitive odds on sports and virtual trading

⇒  Prompt payment within 24 hours

⇒  Up to 170% multiplier bonus for online games

⇒  Highest selection per single ticket (up to 40 games)

⇒  Odds up to 10,000 on correct score

⇒  Free equipment (Banner, Decoder and Dish) and installation (Virtual installation only)

⇒  Lowest starting capital (#25,000)

⇒  Dedicated customer support team available via telephone, mail and live chat on both our desktop and mobile website

Finally, I will be waiting to answer any question you might have regarding to Betking agent registration and requirements


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Re: How to become Betking Agent and their Requirement
#1 Posted on: July 09, 2018, 03:23:37 AM
When you compare betking to other betting platforms which is more profitable if you want to become an agent?
secondly can you be an agent for different betting platforms at the same time?


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Re: How to become Betking Agent and their Requirement
#2 Posted on: July 09, 2018, 09:20:35 AM
Quote from: iammexie
When you compare betking to other betting platforms which is more profitable if you want to become an agent?
secondly, can you be an agent for different betting platforms at the same time?

BetKing is very profitable the only thing is that they are new and profit you make depends on your sales and if you want to be an Agent in different batting companies you can do that but definitely not in one shop you will need to have different shops in different locations to achieve such.


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