Do you know what a wife really wants from her husband


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Do you know what a wife really wants from her husband
Posted on: July 18, 2018, 12:10:20 PM
Do you really wish to be a good husband to your wife, a man that his wife will be proud to marry for the second time if there is a second life after death I guess the answer is yes then you must know what your wife really wants from you as a husband.

If I ask you, do you know what your wife wants from you the answer will definitely be "LOVE" but the truth is that these days everyone claims to love but never understand what love is all about.

Love is not just what you say with your mouth it has to go with emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for one another.

I was motivated to write about this topic which started as a question "Do you know what a wife really wants from her husband" because when you look at what is happening in our society you will understand that people don't know the meaning of love but a mere word to please someone or to get what they want.

Women tend to feel happy and excited whenever they hear the word I love you from their dream man and it's okay for a husband to express his love using such words but the question remains do you really love her?

Wish to know what your wife really wants from you

If you have a wife and wish to make her happy then you need to read this article till the end because we are going to discuss more on what women really like and wants from a man even those things they are feeling shy to tell you.

You wife need you to love her

Whether you understand the word love or not your wife desired an undiluted love for her that will make her feel secure fulfilled in many ways because love conquers all.

With an immense love, a man will be contented with his wife and avoid messing around with others and through the expression of love a woman feels satisfied and happy

You must be available and fit to fulfill your marital duties

Love is important but what if you fail to fulfill your marital duties how you should and when you should, let me tell you no matter how clean a water is, it can never make a soup without the necessary ingredients, love is like a water that combines all other ingredients together but will only remain a water when other ingredients are not in place.

Some men only knows how to help themselves whenever they feel like while forgetting that their wife needs the same thing and even more from them and as a husband, it's your duty to take care of that need.

To be sincere some women are not faithful because their man failed to understand their feelings and desires that is why it's important to show your wife that you are capable and available to do your work whenever necessary in such a way that no one else can.

I feel amazed whenever I see some women that claims not to have any urge or feelings which can be true but actually, everyone has urge and feelings but the difference is that all engines are not built to start with a single key and some engine can easily be started while some needs few wires to be joined together to be able to start the engine if you know what I mean.

Let assume you are among those that think they don't have any urge or feelings it simply means that your man is not willing or capable to discover the hidden puzzle to find the right key to trigger the kick starter of your engine, I hope you understand my gist.

As a husband, you must find a way to make your wife feel like a woman and satisfied as often as you can and she will remain grateful all her life

Your wife don't just need a husband but a companion

Your wife needs you to be there for her in times of joy, pain, troubles, and sickness because two head is always better than one but some men will be busy going from one beer parlor to the other and some will even be spending time with other girls leaving their wives lonely but do remember that an idle mind, as they say, is a devils workshop, don't push your wife to start behaving and doing things she is not used to simply because you left her lonely and helpless.

Don't think that you have a good car, a good house and enough money in her bank account is enough, she needs your presence and ideas in times of confusion and love when she needs someone to be with.

She wants a real man, not just a man

I understand that some women are trying to be the man while their husband becomes a wife to them but the truth is that a good wife will want her husband to be the real man in the house.

A real man should work hard and be the breadwinner of the family, a real man will always think about the welfare and protection of the family and lots more.

She wants you to be proud of her

Are you the type who regrets marrying your wife because you didn't realize she is not as beautiful as you wanted or not tall enough or maybe missing some pleasing and attractive curves that you needed in a woman.

Do you feel that your wife is not presentable enough to go out with and never wish to be seen with her at all, if you feel that way then you are making a big mistake

Let me tell you, in my own opinion what you really need in a woman is a good character, good thinking, and good manner after all how can you degrade her now simply because she says yes to your proposal and when you think you have seen and enjoyed everything about her you are now degrading her that's unfair.

All you need is to love her, be proud of her, give her the best and receive more in return and you will be happy, what else do you need in life?


I wrote all this to teach some men who wish to be a good husband to their wives all they need to know but what about the men, the things men need from a wife?

I will write more on that soon but I trust some women all you need is to give them what they need and they will return it in multiple times meanwhile, you are free to share your own contribution using reply option below.


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Re: Do you know what a wife really wants from her husband
#1 Posted on: October 19, 2018, 08:20:01 PM
I think a wife desire utmost care, pure love, dedication of time, expenditure of money, and affection from her husband. A good husband need to fulfil all of these desires of his partner by utlizing all of his efforts. You are the hero of your wife, so behave as a hero!

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