Introduction To Push ups- A Great Ingredient To Building A Better Upper Body Part.


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Hi every one , today we would be looking at push-ups , How to start it healthily ( for beginners) , what to expect and how not to do it. This is the right tip you need to keeping a healthy push-up routine for your physical development . Catch ya at the bottom !

        I had a friend who got challenged seeing a guy at a bar who was well ripped and had this great upper body . Big chest , broad shoulders , thick arms....
My friend could not hide his amazement , so he whispered his admiration to my ears. He told me about how challenged he was , seeing this very disciplined builder. Days after , He called me , asking what basic exercise was best to start with , in building a good physique from home. I told him about the PUSH-UP among-st a few exercises.
        Days went by and I did not hear from him , only to discover he fell ill from the soreness he felt from the heavy push ups his body underwent. He vowed never to do the fitness training again. What made this so? Certain errors we are to discuss here .

                              HOW TO WORK-OUT THE BODY USING PUSH-UPS FOR STARTERS  

            PREPARING THE MIND : Preparation is key in  every activities we intend doing , going to work , going to our religious organisations , going for holidays ....
           Same applies to our body work out trainings. Preparing our minds would help us keep in mind , the hard times to come when our body feels sore , the drive not to throw in the towel , thatspice of awareness .
Don'` tell me its not worth the preparation. Preparation towards exercises is a great way we can build up a great work out routine.



            BEGINNING  GRADUALLY  : Muscles are not grown in a day. I have watched  starters who would carry out four  awful PUSH UPs ,  and then turn to look at their chests and upper body to confirm if the immediate body thickness they feel is producing bigger muscles  .
            Some beginners start doing push ups in hundreds during the first day of trial and definitely would find it difficult raising their hands the day after . Sadly, push-ups are not  instant body builder magic  so, it is wrong to expect results immediately.
           Start your press ups gradually , maintaining a coordination in your shape and hand balance lest you literally disfigure your shape in no short time as your body gets used to it. Begin doing comfortable push ups (There are different push ups with their body functions) , so with ``comfortable`` , i do not mean doing two push ups and rolling on the floor feeling tired.
           For my students , I tell them , ``start doing twenty to fifteen a day``. Not at a go but maybe randomly. As your body fits into the act , increase your pushes and style.

               NUTRIENT/FOOD INTAKE  ; For beginners , note that at the first week into fitness training , there is notably this hunger for food at intervals. If you must work out , you must eat as well. It is wrong to exercise your body and not feed the body responsively. If you want a good result , pay close attention to your food and your eating habit. We don`t want our muscles looking forced out , bony and rough. Great muscular men take measurable amount of a balanced diet to help boost their body and help them stay healthy. Follow their path too.