Prices Of Various Tractors And Accessories In Nigeria



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Prices Of Various Tractors And Accessories In Nigeria
Posted on: August 04, 2018, 10:06:19 PM

Tractors are important utility in modern farming. This tool or group of equipments have successfully served farmers the labour and some currency. Making the most out of farmlands undoubtedly depends on these machineries and that makes its purchase crucial.

In former articles like: Snail farming in Nigeria – The basics for beginners and Yam farming in Nigeria — Steps, I clearly pointed out how lucrative Agriculture is in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country destined for agriculture although it's done basically in small-scale. The government has always been objective in suggesting ways in which Agriculture can be done as a rich venture but has performed below the par in delving into it squarely. Our leadership has popularized themselves by mere creating of a 1-3 month lifespan agricultural companies. They've been successful in only doing little in mechanized agriculture in the country.

As a determined farmer, you could oppose the only ' talk and suggest' method of mechanized farming of the government by going beyond the popular manual agriculture. It is of note that since mechanized agriculture is a lucrative venture, it's machinery is predictively expensive also. The various details and corresponding prices of these machineries are listed below.

Agricultural machinery are mainly divided into:
→ Hand operated tractors.
→ Mini tractors.
→ Heavy tractor category.

Hand Operated/Pushed Tractors Price

This is a less popular type of tractor. They are the ones which are pushed and operated by hand and are called hand operated tractors. These kind of tractors are limited and specific specific in operation. They might perform tasks other big tractors couldn't. It is relatively cheaper than the other types of tractor and could be rented or hired easily.

Hand operated tractors have their own engines which power their operations and can also power some small implements.
The term “hand operated” is just used to indicate that this type of tractor is moved by hand. It could also be used on medium sized farmlands.

They are distinctively the smallest types of tractors. The price of a fairly used hand operated tractor ranges from between 350 000 Naira to 500 000 Naira for a fairly used one.  

A completely new hand operated tractor can be gotten at the price of between 1.2 to 2 million naira
The updated prices of hand operated tractors can continuously be obtaines at the and classified sites.

Price of Mini Tractors

Mini tractors are a class of tractor of medium size. It is bigger than pushed tractors. To purchase a new tractor of this class in the country, you may have to make an order directly from the supplier abroad and that will be effected with some more expense.

However, the price of the fairly used mini tractors ranges from 2.5 million to 4 million naira. These prices might be negotiable atimes.

Price of Bigger Sized Tractors

This is the most popular and biggest category of farm tractors. Common brands of farm tractors in this category found in Nigeria are Caterpillar, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Mahindra . These set of tractors maybe because of its price is often purchased in a fairly used state.
The price of a fairly used tractor in this category is between 6 million to 12 million naira. You can get a new tractor at a price starting from 11 million naira.

Tractor Accessories and Prices

Majority of tractors are made for multi-operational functions. They are built to accommodate different accessories. Tractors  accessories are the farm implements attached to the tractor. They are usually attached to the tractor because they are powered by the tractor to perform their operations.

→ Ploughs

A Plough is an accessory of a tractor that pulls through the ground in order to break it open into furrows for planting. The price of a fairly used plough is between 2.7 million naira and 4 million naira. New ones can be obtained at the price of 4 million naira and above.

→ Price of Tillers
This is a type of cultivator that breaks down hard soil clods produced by the plough. It operates by piercing through the soil.
Depending on the size, one can get a tiller at the price of  195 thousand naira.

→ Price of Ridgers

The ridger is an important accessory in mechanized crop farming. It is an implement consisting of two sets of opposed single discs arranged in a manner so as to enable it to make two full ridges.

One of the best places to purchase a ridger is One can get some ridgers especially ones of the lowest size at the minimum price of 40,000 naira .
One can purchase the medium sized ridgers at the minimum price of 200,000 naira. Larger or very heavy ones can be ordered for at the minimum price of 4 million naira.

→ Price of Planters

The planter is a machine used to place the seeds of crops such as maize, rice, beans etc. in the soil with precision and accuracy.

These set of accessory comes in two types which are the tractor-mounted and the self-powered.
The tractor-mounted planter can be purchased at the minimum price of 1.5 million naira.

→ Price of Harvesters

Harvesters are farm machines used to aid the easy harvesting of various crops during harvest. There are many types of harvesters but the price of the tractor-mounted combine harvester is the one to be listed.
The price of the tractor-mounted combine harvester ranges from between 6 million naira to 30 million naira (very big size).

For the mini sized combined harvesters that is mounted on mini tractors, the price range is from 400,000 to 1.2 million naira. For the micro tractor-mounted combine harvesters, the price range is from 200,000 naira to 400,000 naira.

→ Price of Sprayers

Sprayers are machines used to spray certain chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides during farm activities.

If the sprayer is of the mini or smallest size one can purchase it at a price of 20,000 naira. For the one of the biggest size, one could purchase it at the minimum price of 160,000 naira.

The prices of the various machineries listed may fluctuate as the value of the Nigerian naira  continue to swing. Also, the value placed for a particular accessory may differ from the price that may be bought from a particular agent.


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